View Full Version : Question for the men

03-12-09, 21:20
Does anyone else here suffer from retarded ejaculation? i find when i am in the bedroom, i am unable to keep my mind on the job at hand and find it very hard to be satisfied. Is that just me or any other fellwo anxiety sufferers have this infliction?

03-12-09, 22:23
It's a side effect that I've had when I've been on Citalopram in the past. Labido has currently disappeared at the moment (cos of the anxiety) Think you can get stuff which can 'help though. Might be worth asking your doctor about it.

03-12-09, 22:24
i am not on any meds, i have always been the same, since the start of my anxiety

03-12-09, 22:32
Sorry for misunderstanding you, Tommy. Definitely think that the anxiety is the issue here. As I said when I become anxious, sex drive just disappears totally.

03-12-09, 23:21
Yes, during a bout of anxiety or depression sexual satisfaction is usually the last thing on a person's mind, so I think nearly all of us will have had this problem at some point. I went through a phase a few years ago where I was very low and hated my job, and my interest in sex was zero for a long time. I didn't enjoy sex at all. The good news is the opposite of all that is now true so it's definitely possible to overcome all bedroom related problems.