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anx mum
05-12-09, 14:49
:weep: Many of u know been getting constant headaches since aug was admitted 2 hospital where had ct scan mri and lumbar punture done all came bk normal was let out off hospital still with the most awful headaches and they have continued my doc perscribed me pregabalin which was helpin last week got numbness in my left side of my face and my mouth had neuro appointment so told my doc he said didnt know what was causing it but he see me in 2 months i wasent happy so complained now seeing someone different tues. So worried:weep:

05-12-09, 18:50
I am 2 suffering constant headaches mine have been with me for around 4 weeks now, but mine are accompained by other werid sensations that are frightening...... so i really sympathize. I am fed up with them now 2 and worried. Hope you get the answers you need when u see someone different.
Take care

Debs x

anx mum
06-12-09, 18:51
Thank u debbie what other symptoms do u get?

06-12-09, 21:30
Im getting dizzy spells, and feeling of off balance. Abit of blurry vision, and a strange 1, but when im led down its feels as if my actual brain drops in my head, abit like a cog......told u it was strange!!! Also a pressure feeling like my head is full, this is usually at the back of my head but can be on top as well. And my headache is always there, from the time i finally get to sleep to the moment i open my eyes.
Debs x

10-02-10, 14:12
do yu ever feel like this is going to sound weird ,but that you are staring too intensley at something ,when you are only say for example ,talking to someone ,im experiancing that i have to consciously stop myself from intensly staring at people and objects , my head feels really off balance and fuzzy when i go outside ,and started to do the same when im indoors as well.

10-02-10, 15:10
Hi Kirstielu, Yes I feel like that too, I know exactly how it feels.

14-09-10, 03:12
Okay, please provide me with a more detailed account of your symptoms. When did the headaches first begin and specifically where did your head hurt at that time? How frequent are the headaches and is there anything you do that produces relief? When you have the headaches, is there any type of prodrome, or in other words symptoms which appear prior to the pain that typically warn you of a forthcoming headache? Do the headaches occur at any time or are they specific to time of day?

Do you have any other symptoms besides the headaches that were either present before the headaches began or any that have manifested since the headaches and have either remained prominent or that have changed over time?

What is your general medical history, ie pre-existing illness or disease, whether migraine syndrome runs in your family, are you taking any medications and if so, what are they?

If you can provide some answers to my questions, I may be able to better direct you.

Best regards,

Rutheford Rane, MD (ret.)

14-09-10, 18:26
RLR - as far as I know anx mum got over the headaches. This is a very old post.

27-07-13, 08:34
I have also headache problem but this stays for only 2-3 days,doctor said it is of Migraine but I tensed.