View Full Version : Anafranil Clomipramine is working !!

19-11-05, 12:23
I thoroughly reccomend anyone who feels their medication is not helping to take control and be up front with their medical team...I have changed to one of the older drugs after looking into it on the internet....its the most effective drug I have taken.

19-11-05, 17:12
OLDER DRUGS? Anafranil suits me sir (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=6499)

Glad you're doing well Frankie


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?

06-10-09, 23:48
To be honest I am really struggling on clomipramine with it's side effects, currently on 75mg for about 4 days now and totally spaced out and highly strung. Its the first week I've gone up by 25mg as I have been recommended to take 10mg extra every week for the first 5 weeks and boy did I notice the difference! Have you had a similar experience and if so does it settle down?

tricky vicky

11-10-10, 22:34
I have been taking anafranil (clomipramine) for CCK type panics for several years on and off when I need it. I take 10mg and after about 5 days it controls the anxiety and panic beautifully. Only drawback is it has started to affect my sleep. So I take it when I know stress is coming for a few weeks, cope with the insomnia and then stop once I know its all calming down. Its not great for the libido either!
Only thing I have ever found that works and if you take at such a low level its usable long term. GP has no worries prescribing it for me.