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12-12-09, 14:05
Hello there,
I've been on seroxat for several years now & it's the only thing that helps my OCD & GAD to the point that I can live a relatively normal life.

However, a couple of days ago I started to get bouts of strange symtoms, sweating, disorientation, anxiety & more. The last time this happened it was discovered that I'd just been given & started a GENERIC perscription of paroxetine not Seroxat itself & when this situation was rectified, I was fine again. As a result, when I started getting this dreadful symtoms again a few days ago I suddenly remembered I'd started a new batch / perscription the night before so I checked the packaging to see if I'd been given another generic lot. To my confusion I discovered that the packaging wasn't generic & that it was actually Seroxat. The only difference was that they've changed the packaging a bit & the tablets no longer say seroxat on them, just '20'. I was baffled & as I discovered a couple of pills in my draw from the previous lot of Seroxat I'd been given I decided to experiment & took one of those the following night. The next day I felt fine. I decided to try the new perscription the next night & the awful symptoms returned. I now have none of my previous perscription left so am stuck with this new batch. The fact that these symptoms have occured right when I've started a new batch is more than coincidence so I was wondering if they'd changed the recipie? Although that's something they should never do without warning us as they are messing with people's minds. I feel like I;ve been put on a different drug or that I'm on a different dose....maybe they've been mistaken for 20 mg pills when they are really 10 mg or 30 mg?

I was wondering if anyone else had recently received a new batch & are experiencing problems?

Please help I don't know what to do!

Kind regards,


13-12-09, 16:32
Ahhh please help someone....seroxat is the only thing that's helped my disabling anxiety & to be having problems with a new batch of them is terrifying. I'm hoping the pharmacist will take them back & check them. I am surprised if I am the only one experiencing problems with recent prescriptions of seroxat? Never had a problem with them before and my old perscription works fine.

13-01-10, 17:32
Thank you for your post!

I've noticed the same thing and was also very surprised that nobody had written about it anywhere. Well, it seems that they've done something, because I'm feeling really dizzy from these new "20" labeled ones, as opposed to the old "seroxat 20", which worked just fine. 3rd day now..

I actually tried to change them at the pharmacy but they didnt have any of the old ones anymore. I hope that since you haven't posted anything further, it means that the situation worked itself out and that things have stabilized. Keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen on my part..

13-01-10, 18:18
I was on Seroxat a few years back and it hadn't gone generic then. Having been on a lot of different brands of the same drugs I definitely think that some are slightly stronger or weaker than others, although there is a legal requirement for them to contain the same amount of active ingredients at the stated doses.

I think you should discuss this with your GP and try to find a pharmacy that does the generic paroxetine and try these to see how you get on. It may be that you're reacting to some of the inactive ingredients in these drugs - some ingredient other than paroxetine.

I'm afraid it's trial and error until you find a generic that agrees with you. Or, you have to wait and see whether your body can adjust to the new Seroxat.

13-01-10, 19:27
well this is so funny its as if i wrote about this myself.

i had these tablets a few months ago, i noticed that they were in a different packet at first same design but longer packet, then i noticed they were different in not saying seroxat on them just 20, well i rang smithkline the makers as i was worried, they looked into and got back to me right away she said that they arw the same tablet its just they have changed there supplier or something like that and this is how they will be made from now on.
i wish they would just leave them alone dont they know people take these tablets because they panic and have anxiety grrrrrr
well i have NEVER took generics never realy been given them but i was scepticle about this because my endo doctor told me not to take a generic tablaet for my thyroid problem because they can have slightly diofferent effects.
i asked my doctor to put on my prescriptions seroxat, not peroxatiene tis way the chemist has to give you the band name instead of the generic.

15-01-10, 23:53
hi all,

I have had about 4 different "brands" of paroxetine/seroxat. Sometimes when I feel different I do notice its a few days after changing brand but the good news is that i haven't noticed any lasting difference. I wouldn't expect to notice a change one day to the next because the seroxat takes a while to build up - for example if you were to take a "different" tablet you would possibly feel something a few days later, but not the same day. So... i wouldn't worry about changing brands, but it's true it's a pain and an unneccesary worry for us folks with our "mental" medicine. I'm sure pharmacies try to cut costs by switching suppliers, but they shouldn't do it with medicine which we can "feel" as vividly as this one. Good luck people, lots of love.

16-01-10, 14:29
Hi All,

I asked my GP about this & the pharmacist & they said that they were all the same, just under different names. This is really confusing as it depends on what pharmacy you go to as to which one you get. They really should tell people that there is a difference. So much for the GPs knowing what they are talking about.

Johanna 99

04-04-10, 14:54
ive just been given these new ones ie "20" instead of seroxat"20" i feel realy anxious is this me or the tablet.