View Full Version : Depression and ill,ness

15-12-09, 06:34
I have recently been told am suffering from depression. Could this be the the reason why the past 6 months I have been very ill to? Cold after cold after throat infection shingels etc etc? Or underlieing prob?

15-12-09, 09:34
Sometimes when we are suffering stress/depression our immune system gets low... It could be a number of reasons, or maybe your just having a bad run!!

Hope things get better for you Dj. Take care.

15-12-09, 09:42
:)yeah i think depression manifests itself in the body - it can actually make you feel ill the whole time you are suffering it, because lets face it you are ill. the mind and body are closely linked, but we dont realise it -every emotion can be felt as a physical sensation, but we deny the fact that depression which is chronic sadness could cause us to feel so unwell.

once your depression lifts - which it will - physically you will feel alot better. take care