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16-12-09, 23:40
since the age of 13 up until the age of 20 i suffered with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder and my life was a complete mess, my mum had taken me to see the doctor a few times (i was too ashamed to even talk about it at the time so my mum had to do it for me... also if i did it was likely id just burst out crying anyway) the doctors seemed really reluctant to give me any medication (not sure if this was because of my age?) and gave loads of suggestions such as seing a counsellor, must of seen about 10 different ones in desperation but i just remained the same.... they suggested doing more exercise so i did this, still nothing... got referred to a pshychologist but was only allowed 4 sessions so no change there either..... when i turned 19 they allowed me to start taking a drug called citalopram, took this for about 8 months but it didnt seem to have any effect whatsoever so i went back to the doctors and explained and thats when i was given seroxat, at the time thinking nothing of it as so many things hadnt worked before so i thought this would be the same and there was no point etc

however i was so wrong!! i feel as if i am 'myself' now which sounds silly but when i was going through all that stuff it felt like i was trapped by all this depression/anxiety etc and the real me was hidden behind it all... i am so much happier/confident and i have a full-time job, which i dont think i would ever of been able to handle if it wasnt for seroxat.... i dont get depressed anymore or have any anxiety attacks, i still get anxious but i can handle it now wheras before i couldnt.... i still am a bit of a perfectionist but thats part of my personality, but the really quite severe obsessive compulsive disorder has just disappeared, i actually look back and cant beleive some of the OCD ish things i used to do that seemed so normal back then, but now i can see that they werent

anyway i just thought i would share this because this drug has been a miracle for me and has ended many years of me wanting to basically die!! and i know it has some bad press but i think if its possible seroxat could be suitable for someone, then it should be tried and monitored, then all being well the same can happen for them as it did for me :yesyes:

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17-12-09, 00:43
Fantastic news! That's so good to hear a success story. :D

31-01-10, 12:21
I know exactly what you mean, i felt so good while i was on seroxat, it made me more confident and content as well. also i didn't really notice any side-affects and was able to drop my doses with ease. the hard part for me now is the withdrawal effects i'm still experiencing.

31-01-10, 12:36
Yes Seroxat was a miracle for me too. Made me feel normal after a long time.

The only problem I had was when it stopped working, and the withdrawal symptoms were horrendous. I am now 4 years Seroxat free, but still suffer them now.

My experience may not be same as other people

31-01-10, 16:45
ive been on seroxat for11 years, i dont think its working anymore, can this happen? doctor said to up dose to 30mg would that help do youthink?

31-01-10, 16:53
ive been on seroxat for11 years, i dont think its working anymore, can this happen? doctor said to up dose to 30mg would that help do youthink?

I was on it for 7 years and it stopped working. Tried 30mg but side effects were too much for me, but it may help you so I'd definitely try it. I'm on sertraline now and it's helping somewhat.

31-01-10, 16:54
Hi Denise

It has to be worth a go, i upped from 20mg to 30mg recently and didn't experience any SAs. It's certainly worth trying before changing to another med, with start up SAs being almost inevitable.

Love and Hugs

31-01-10, 17:32
hi bexie

im so scared of it givingme side effects im frightened of taking it, im hiousebound and i cant see it helping me go out? it worked brilliant up until 4 years ago.

how long have u been on it? do u feel better on the bit extra

denise x

01-02-10, 19:54
Hi Maybe

I've been on the serox 3 months now and have been very up and down...i've noticed a slight improvement on the upped dose, but i've only been on the new dose 3 weeks...It hasn't been a great drug for me, but i had no SA's moving up the dose. You could go up by 5mg at a time if you're very concerned about SAs.

Sending you love and hugs