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Hears The Water
29-01-04, 18:04
I think that the only thing worse than a sick hypochondriac, is one that has a sick family member. Hubby John has a cold. I have spend this whole cold/flu season on pins and needles hoping to not catch anything. In the past we have not gone out much but this year we joined a home school co-op and we where around new people once a week. So needless to say there have been three different rounds of illness come through here. This one looks to be #4. Ack!!!! I have a bottle of bleach water and I have been cleaning up and disinfecting after him as much as possible, but now my son has a sore throat. Double ACK!!!! I am trying not to panic as I know that it is hard on the old immune system, but I am cooped up with four people all day long. And now two of them are sick. I know that there is nothing I can do for this, but I feel better venting here as I know y'all understand. I do feel a bit vendicated as I told hubby that I did not want to kiss him anymore until cold/flu season is over. But I am a bit sad about that too. Here's to hoping I stay healthy...
God Bless you and yours

29-01-04, 19:08
unfortunately debs,the virus is probably already in your system,so boost up your vitC levels,lots of good soup,have paracetomol handy..and dont forget to wipe the telephone mouth piece..drink as much water as possible,and plenty fresh fruit,and green veg....keep warm,not hot..and good luck..bryan.

29-01-04, 20:38
You know Deb,

With a minor cold or sore throat this might be a good time to challenge your old thoughts and hypochrond ways and just accept that we are all vunerable to a virus but we all will get better. Rather use this gentle opportunity as a challenge than wait for a real 'flu to hit you all hard.

After all it's only by exposing ourselves to things that our immune systems grow , strengthen and keep up.


Watch your thoughts, they become your words...
Watch your words, they become your actions... Watch your actions, they become your habits... Watch your habits, they become your character... Watch your character, it becomes your destiny...

29-01-04, 22:07
Hiya Deb,

I know how you feel. I sometimes cover my face and mouth whilst speaking to my husband and children when they are sick. They laugh at me, but I feel sometimes it actually helps me. I actually sometimes even escape the illness. However as we speak I have picked up a cold from my son. I feel horrid, but like my son I know I will get over it. it just sucks while I`m in the sickness mode. Sometimes all of the disinfecting in the world does`nt work either. Not to say you should just lay down and wait for it to come and get ya, but like Meg said, it is exposing ourselves to things that helps build our immune systems. So try not to worry to much, if you do happen to get it . You will survive it.

Take care,

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana xxxx