View Full Version : when i need a friend to call upon

18-12-09, 04:09
Every time I need a friend to call upon,
knowing that I can rely upon you all,
You are always the first to say,
donít worry things will be ok,

Youíll lend a shoulder to cry upon,
Make me laugh and smile,
You are beside me on that lonely mile,

When ever I need a place of safety,
People who are so amazing and true,
I know I can come here,
Always ask each of you,
To stand and fight,

Everything that beats me,
So thanks to each of you,
I am proud to have known each of you!

18-12-09, 05:05
Awwwwww Lea... that is a beautiful poem.... Very beautiful indeed.

I am proud to know you too, even if it only has been a short while so far!!


18-12-09, 07:56
Thank you for those lovely words. :hugs::hugs:

Veronica H
18-12-09, 09:08
:bighug1::flowers: lovely poem.


19-12-09, 02:39
rach - i am also proud to know you also and thanks for your reply

maddie - your welcome just what i was writing last night when all that happened in chat lol and thanks for ya reply

veronica - thanks for you reply and am glad ya like the poem

merry christmas to you all