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anx mum
18-12-09, 12:38
My neuro has got me in to have an mri scan done on monday really scrared as my headache feels like a gripping pain maybe i finally get me answers.

18-12-09, 14:27
Just wanted to wish you all the best for monday, and hopefully this test will give you the reassurance you need..........GOOD LUCK!

Debs xx

anx mum
18-12-09, 14:33
thanks debbie monday seems forever away at mo how have u been?

18-12-09, 14:48
Im not to bad, my headaches seem to be abit better lately.....but thats probably down to a new worry about my tummy which im waiting for appointment for a scan on. The doc has felt something in the lower right hand side which she wants to check out, possible ovary cyst.......in quite abit of pain with it all! xxx

anx mum
18-12-09, 14:50
ive had ovarian cyst really painful. Monday cant come soon enough for me

sarah jayne
18-12-09, 15:28
Just want to say goodluck, i hope they find nothing and it puts your mind at rest xxx

18-12-09, 15:29
Hope you get on okay on Monday and you get an answer to how rotten you've been feeling.
Myra x

anx mum
18-12-09, 15:29
thanks hun so scared feel shit how u feeling just had some codine for head helped abit

anx mum
18-12-09, 15:30
thank u myra x

18-12-09, 15:50
Hi Bev,
I hope all goes well for you on Monday. I'm sure everything will be okay and then maybe you will feel better knowing there is nothing serious wrong.

magpie girl
19-12-09, 18:27
:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:goodluck for monday bev,i really hope you get answers to why you have a constant headache