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22-12-09, 09:26
Hello i just wondered if anyone has nay advice on diazepam. I have been taking it for 3 months 4megs some days and 2 megs other days. I saw my doc yesterday and she is not happy anymore about me being on diazepam she has upped my citalopram to 40megs and given me 7 tablets of diazepam 2megs. I kept saying to her will i get withdrawals coming off the diazepam she said no as it is such a low dose and i have only been on them for 3 months. Any ideas how i will do this with 7 tablets 2 meg. After that she is not happy prescribing me any more which i am glad about as i would like not to be on them. Thanks in advance.

Martina xx

22-12-09, 09:31
you will be OK as your dose was small you may seem bit edgy at first thou

24-12-09, 16:25
Your doctor should not just stop Diazapam. It is not as bad as some people say coming off it. Before I did it over a week - 10 days. 20mg, then 18 etc down to 2 then nothing. But the anti D's need to be doing their thing first hun. Upping the citalopram could make u feel worse so have another word with your doctor or see another one!!!

24-12-09, 17:49
Although 3mths isn't a long time, I do think your GP is being a bit irresponsible in just cutting you down so quickly. Everyone is different and it's impossible to know how easily any individual has become accustomed to any particular medication and I think your GP should have allowed you to taper your Diazepam over a longer period of time, especially if she is also increasing your SSRI's at the same time.

30-12-09, 02:22
i saw my doc today i take between 2.5mg and 7.5mg diazepam a day i asked for something long term so he has put me onto citlorpram but at the same time prescribed more diazepam as he said likliness is that the anxiety is heightened i would imagine this would be the same with increasing the dose. he said he would leave it to my judgement on if i thought i needed more or less then once i have reached a happy dose on the citlorpram he would gradually reduce me. personaly i would see how you go but if you feel your self getting worse see your doc again as that is a big step to be taking.
good luck.
can you say citlorpram has worked for you? x