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04-01-10, 11:29
Hi everyone

I am absolutely terrified of having this done. I did have an appointment in September but I cancelled and rearranged it 3 times until they took me off the list. I know I've wasted their time and other patients who were on the waiting list but I just can't help it.

It doesn't help that my mum has had it done twice and keeps telling me not to go ahead. I need this done to put my mind at rest but I've heard so many horror stories. Such as people not being able to breathe afterwards or end up with internal bleeding.

Also I don't want to be sedated. I hate that feeling of being out of it and not in control because it makes me panic thinking will it ever wear off?

I'm a nervous wreck. I just can't imagine a finger sized tube down my throat. I already have trouble breathing. I'm going crazy thinking about it. :unsure:

04-01-10, 12:00
Hello Kay,

I had an endoscopy carried out and I chose to do it without sedation. If I were to have it done again I'd do it the exact same way. It's not the most pleasant thing to have done but it is tolerable and you can go home or back to work straight afterwards if you don't choose sedation. They do numb your throat but this does nothing to interfere with your breathing. The procedure doesn't take long. The chance of having internal bleeding is extremely rare. Quite a few people I know have had it done and none of them had problems afterwards. There are hundreds of endoscopies done in hospitals every week. I know people who have chosen sedation and they didn't remember anything about it afterwards!! I, like you, didn't like the idea of not being in control. It's a purely personal choice. Please don't worry too much about it - it's over and done with so quickly.

04-01-10, 12:08
Hi Kay,

My husband has just had an endoscopy and a colonscopy (if thats spelt right!) He had them one after the other and was sedated - he was terrified about the endoscopy but came round very quickly and had no problems afterwards. He remembers nothing about it and I was impressed at how quick it all took as I waited for him.
Good luck x

04-01-10, 14:45
I was terrified when I went to have mine,but they made me feel at ease.I was sedated and didnt feel a thing,I had a lovely sleep your not out for long,and when I came round I had a cup of tea and toast.

I had a slight sore throat next day,it really is not as bad as it seems,and if you are anxious,its better to be sedated.xxxxxxxx:hugs:

04-01-10, 15:46
I too have had two endoscopies without sedation .At worst I'd say it was slightly uncomfortable but over very quickly with no after effects.
All the Best

04-01-10, 17:23
i have had 2 endoscopes without sedatiaon. Its not pleasant but not relly awful either and its over really quickly and no after effects. The worst bit was i reached a bit when they put the tube down but nothing worse. Im glad i didnt have sedation as the thought of that scares me to death.

05-01-10, 20:14
i had an endoscopy without sedation last year and yes - it wasn;t pleasant but i could have it done again and the fear was worse than the reality. it is best to just go in and think right i have to have this done and i'm going to have it done without making a fuss - mine took under a minute. its a bit naughty of your mum to be trying to persuade you not to have it! at least then you can put your mind at rest - if you put it off again then you will only have to go through it all again so go get it done x

22-09-10, 20:56
I had one last year with a mild sedation [terrified of the full works] worked okay glad I did it. Don't beat yourself up!:hugs:

01-10-10, 19:22
i've had 3 endoscopy's , first one at 19, i never use sedation, just throat spray which i hated coz they always spray too much and i kept gagging, 1st time i was scared and shaking thru out, all the people in the room had to hold me down and i was pulling it out my mouth, every one gets scared, im a wuss, anyway dont wanna put you off, it was over in less than 10 mins and i went straight home and college next day, 2nd time i knew what to expect and i was calm, same as 3rd one, i refused to have more after 2nd one but i had no choice and that diagnosed a hiatus hernia, will have to have plenty more tho. i always get scared before a test, even before i had an ultrasound scan :ohmy:
but you will be fine, the people in the room will talk you thru it, take someone with you, my mum came in room with me and she got to watch the screen.

01-10-10, 19:32
Please note the original posted made this thread back in Jan 2010.

01-10-10, 20:55
i can honestly say i felt no pain just a little uncomfortable and i burped alot u will be fine they sprayed the back of my throat and put it down no props and i have bad health anxiety

26-01-11, 01:23
i am meant to be getting this done and am scared out my witts i have also canceled two appointments but i really need itdone as am suffering abd burning in my belly and between my shoulder blades =( why are you having thsi done ?? i wish i could build up the courage and get it done soon x

04-02-11, 21:33
Honeypie I went ahead with the endoscopy. I posted this thread in January last year and I have to say it going ahead with it was the best thing I have ever done because it really put my mind at rest. It isn't too bad and I could do it again if I had to.

They put a little bit of spray on your throat to numb it a bit then when the tube is down you can breathe normally. It doesn't take long. Its mind over matter mostly. The more you panic the worse you'll feel. So just stay calm and relaxed and it will be over with hardly any feeling whatsoever.

I didn't feel any different afterwards. A little bit of wind as they put a tiny bit of air in your stomach I think.

Have it done though and try not to worry.