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claire m
09-01-10, 08:55
my son who is 9 has started to get interested in warhammer 40k.
It has been surprisingly good for me as it takes my mind off how i am feeling when painting the figures and constructing tanks.
Now anyone who knows warhammer will understand that the rule book is immense so for my son to be able to understand i need to understand too so i can teach him. Its blown my mind lol!
Im in a programme called moving forward for agoraphobia and going to game workshop with my son is one of my goals, which i have done successfully 3 times!
When i figure out how to upload some photos i will post some of my orks and marines.
claire. :flowers:

09-01-10, 09:08
good for you i have ds that helps

09-01-10, 09:11
Ho Claire

Glad you are enjoying learning about a new hobby, my son has been doing warhammer for years now, and i know that he especially likes the painting and creating of the models, ( he is almost 18), i on the other hand, i get pretty fed up with paint everywhere, bits of models all over the bedroom floor and dice turning up in the strangest of places lol...:wacko: no he is not a tidy creature...

Seriously , its good that you and your son share the same interest, and yes that rule book with keep your mind occupied....

Enjoy :)

P x

09-01-10, 17:43
If you need any help with the rules of 40K, let me know. I used to be obsessed with 40K and its spin-offs, Epic and Necromunda.

claire m
09-01-10, 20:47
thanks i will, i love it!