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28-11-05, 12:22
Hi everyone. I am new here as of today. I have been taking seroxat for 6 years for mild depression and anxiety. They have really helped me. But i am now worrying myself sick. I tried to start coming off them two weeks ago and realised i was doing so too fast as all my anxiety came back worse. So now i am back on 20mg and happy to stay there until after my wedding in July 2006. But my concern is now how safe it is to stay on this drug.

I still do get anxiety on the drug but not as bad as when i was off it.

HAs anyone else been on it for this long? Also once i am married i want to try for a family and i am also worried about being on them when pregnant. I'm only 26 and feel like i am mental!


28-11-05, 12:29
Hi Otis,

Welcome to the forum, you will get a lot of good advice here, and make some new friends.

Have you spoken to your doctor about coming off the meds?

Take care
Trac xx

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28-11-05, 12:37

Thanks for replying. I was so scared to post! Makes it real that i have a problem!

Yeah i have spoken to doc they told me to half my dose from 20mg to 10mg for one month and then half it again. I now realise that is too quickly and have gone back to 20mg and too bloody scared to reduce again!! i have such an important event coming up (my wedding) that i now think i should wait til afterthe wedding to come off them, but now i worry about the length of time on them.

28-11-05, 12:47
Hi Otis,

Everyone is friendly here so no need to be scared to post, and remember we all either suffer or have suffered from some form of anxiety.

I was on citalopram and came off of them 5 weeks ago, after being on them for 7 years.

Do it when you feel ready too, and if you feel more comfortable waiting until after your wedding, stick with them until then mate.

Take care
Trac xxx

'Live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten'

28-11-05, 13:01
Hi Otis,

Welcome to the forum. Well done for being brave and posting. Everyone here is really friendly though and full of good advice.

I would say come off the meds when you feel ready, many people stay on them for alot longer than you have so I doubt it's harmful. It may be worth asking your doctor if you need to come off them before getting pregnant though.
I think Seroxat comes in liquid form too. A doctor wanted me to go on it once (I refused), but he was telling me that it comes in liquid form also to help people taper off very gradually. You can taper the dose off much more gradually that way.
Good luck and hope you find this site useful.


28-11-05, 15:15
I agree that you were advised to come off them in too large an increment decrease..

There is no evidence that they are harmful to stay on for years..

You will be advised to come off them before getting pregnant so give yourself plenty of time to do this correctly.


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28-11-05, 20:16
Welcome aboard Otis,

I think its wise to keep on the Seroxat as far as your Wedding Day, as its is such a 'life change', it makes us so vulnerable to panic or anxiety.

Meg especially gives sound advice here, and of course you will be advised of medication changes upon pregnancy by your GP.

Take Care,


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