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11-01-10, 18:44
I've had chest pains for a few weeks and skipped heartbeats. I saw my GP today and had an ECG which showed my heart was beating 110 times a minute. My doctor has said this is too fast and has said I have to see a specialist at the hospital. This has made my anxiety worse, and of course my heart is beating faster as a result. Has anyone else had similar results from an ECG?

11-01-10, 18:49
hi in the last 3 weeks ive had 14 ecgs at a&e due to me thinking im having a heart attack. Every ecg i have had my heart was fast the highest was 138 times a minute. but the docs say its anxiety as there is no abnormalaties on the ecg just high heart rate. so your fast heart rate could be down to anxiety/ panic attacks if everything else was fine on the ecg xx

11-01-10, 19:15
Hi Racheal,

I have been monitored three times and on all three occasions my heart rate was high. thhe doctors have all put this down to anxiety and feeling nervous especially as my tension levels rise when I see a doctor anyway. Is your heart rate always that high or is it just when you are anxious? I can be anxious all the time so sometimes my heart rate is high for quite a while but when manage to relax it comes back down again. I am sure it is ok and it will prob be down to your anxiety. Try and get some rest and if at all distract yourself and take your mind somewhere else, it will be ok and I am sure the specialist will take a look and tell you it is ok!


11-01-10, 20:46
On edge in the doctors is bound to set it going 110 bpm or more. Does your doctor know you suffer anxiety and anxiety symptoms?

Also, just wondered if you smoke?

12-01-10, 09:32
Thanks for all your replies and reassuarance. No I don't smoke or drink and have a very healthy lifestyle, but I have suffered from acute anxiety and panic attacks for over 10 years, which my doctor is well aware of. One contributing factor to my fast heart rate could be the fact that I have been on a high dose of Amitriptyline for several months and that can affect the heart. Over the past few weeks I have been tapering off it. I have had heart related anxiety before and ended up in A&E many times in the middle of the night. 10 years ago I also had an ultra-sound (Echo) of my heart done and everything was normal, so I keep telling myself it is anxiety, although it doesn't seem to help!

18-01-10, 17:03
when i had my ecg done i think my heart was more then 110 beats pm but i was very very nervous they put it down to worry =]

29-01-10, 23:06
I'm an ECG technician and a lot of people who are anxious about going to hospital have elevated heart rates. Normal resting heart rate is anywhere between 55 and 100 and differs if you're on blood pressure medication or beta-blockers etc. Peoples' blood pressure also becomes elevated along with heart rate when attending hospital. Personally I'd say 110bpm isn't excessively fast...may just have been nerves / exertion walking around hospital prior to test etc.

15-02-10, 12:34
I recently had an ECG and my bpm peaked at 169. :scared15:

I've been checked out by a cardiologist and my heart is healthy, so... pure anxiety.

10-03-10, 19:42
143 when anxious..it does not feel nice though

14-03-10, 00:48
I recently had an ECG and my bpm peaked at 169. :scared15:

I've been checked out by a cardiologist and my heart is healthy, so... pure anxiety.

Ha, god! I struggle to get mine up to 170 when exercising hard! And I'm only 23!! Goes to show how stressful anxiety can be on the body! :)

14-03-10, 15:12
130bpm in a&e. Nurses were concerend when they hooked me up to the monitor at first..But they quickly saw the speed decreasing and knew that the fast ratw was due to anxiety. didnt rly feel it, so i was surprised it was so high. Had ECG which showed sinus tachy..but it was explained to me tht this was normal given the stress i was under.

14-03-10, 15:14
when i saw the cardiologist and had an ecg taken there..it was at around 95bpm...guess my body just reacts to being in that environment.

15-03-10, 15:52
I had to have loads of tests on my heart due to anxiety and my pulse rate peaked at 149 in the hospital!!!! Everyone was pulling concerned faces at first but as soon as I got back home and calmed down it was 76 again. Anxiety can really have a big effect on you.

21-03-10, 02:57
im not an expert but i would say 110 is fine if u were in hospital and obv you would be stressed and more anxious.
I know someone with anx who went to the doctor and the doc held her hand and tried to reassure her, her heart rate dropped to about 70bpm, and the doc said this is purely because I am holding your hand, nothing wrong with the heart