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anx mum
13-01-10, 11:14
Im hoping i get some answers today:weep:cant live my life like this havin constant pain in my legs. :weep:Got so much 2 plan get married in aug and need 2 b well 2 find a job.

13-01-10, 11:30
good luck

13-01-10, 11:51
Hi there,
Sorry to hear you are still suffering with pain in your legs...goodluck and hope it all goes well so you can finally have some peace.

anx mum
13-01-10, 15:37
what a bloody waste of time god so frustrated. In constant pain neuro said i need 2 b referred by my gp 2 see a specialist regarding pain in leg and knees. Has anyone had bakers cyst?

13-01-10, 15:38
no sorry also sorry you got no joy xx

13-01-10, 17:39
no i havent heard of that..sorry you didnt have any luck with neuro too.

Vanilla Sky
13-01-10, 19:53
It can be treated with a cortisone injection , It is fluid behind the knee which explains the swelling in your leg. xx

05-02-10, 20:23
sorry anx mum about that, one would of thought that your hospital doctor could have just made the referal themselves! but then that's just common sense isn't it.

05-02-10, 20:48
When you attended a+e before I'm surprised they didn't notice there and then that it was a baker's cyst. There's always someone there from orthopaedics. These type of cysts are quite common. My mum had one a year or two ago. She was in pain and had to get an injection, but it cleared up pretty quickly. Don't worry - it's not serious and it responds well to treatment. I don't know why you're having to have all these referrals done if this is the diagnosis - your doctor could have diagnosed this himself and sent you immediately up to the clinic. Ortho clinics are opened every day. I hope this is you finally on the mend.

24-04-15, 11:29
I don't think you to think about that.