View Full Version : I had my Endoscopy (Gastroscopy) today :)

14-01-10, 14:02
I'm so proud of myself for finally going through with it. Without sedation which I thought I would end up doing.

I was so nervous but it really didn't take as long as I expected.

They numbed my throat and I freaked out a bit because at first it felt strange but after a few minutes I got used to it and calmed down. Then I just got on with it and was expecting 10 minutes of hell when really it was less than a minute and was just strange and uncomfortable.

They did a biopsy which I didn't notice. Didn't notice them putting air into my stomach either.

I also expected to feel like I was choking at some point but I didn't and I could breathe. Its just a case of slowing your breathing down and staying calm. Its over before you know it. No choking feeling at all. Afterwards the numbness wore off almost straight away and by the time I got home it was gone completely. A few big burps of what smells like Milton Sterilizing Fluid later and I was back to normal. Still have a bit of a sore throat and my glands feel a little swollen but they said everything looks fine apart from a little inflammation from reflux.

So for all those who are worried about having this done - I am the MOST nervous and anxious person in the world - but I got through it and I was fine. It really isn't as bad as you expect. :hugs:

14-01-10, 15:27
hi kay24

can i ask what your symptoms were for u to have this , i have difficulty breathng, bloated out of breath when eating, feels like i have a constant burp in my throat, full of trapped wind the list goes on. hope you dont mind me asking. ut its doing my had in.

14-01-10, 15:38
Hi Kay24,
Ive had one of those done about a month ago, did you have the sour banana throat spray?

14-01-10, 17:44
Yes Redrainbow it was awful lol.

Maybeoneday I have similar symptoms to you. I have difficulty breathing, constant burping and when I burp another one takes its place and just sits in my throat, fluttering in throat, heartburn (but not often), cough, mucusy throat.

They said everything looks fine but there is some inflammation so I need reflux meds all the time. They are checking for bacteria in the biopsy they took and I get the results next week.

But thankfully there was nothing sinister. She said it was definately down to reflux.

Have you ever suffered from asthma? I had this as a child but reflux can aggravate it, also post nasal drips are common and you feel like you can't breathe.

14-01-10, 20:00
Hi Kay,

I'm so glad you got on okay with your endoscopy. I know, the spray is yucky!! But I've said previously that the procedure isn't as awful as you may think and it's over and done with so quickly. I was told by the person who carried mine out that people tolerate it much better without sedation. And they're usually able to tell you what the problem is there and then, and you remember it because you are awake! So well done!! Another hurdle over.

14-01-10, 20:25
hi kay

yes ive had ashma, im on inhalers becausethe doctor thought i may have ashma, i also suffer with my sinusis, i i went to the doctors the other evening because i could hardly breath i was bloated and my nose was stuffed up when i get liket this i hyperventilate, i tried to tell the doctor this but he just said i was having a panic attack, i could of punched him. ive had panic attacks and ive had very bad anxiety 12 years ago, the reasion im depressed now is i always feel uncomfortable, sick, out of breath bla bla bla.
going to go see another doctor see if they can do what you hafd done.
are you worse when your on?
im scared of taking tblets due to side effects are you? i do drink gavascon.
can i ask do you get out of breath when you eat, this is my worst symptom.

14-01-10, 21:13
Oh well Kay,
Like me you are probably just pleased that it was nothing worse. Yes it's all soon over, though i could slightly feel the tube going down and coming out again too. I was worried at first when they told me all the facts of what could go wrong and so on. But it's not as bad as i had heard people say it was, but i'm pleased it's over. Regards Redrainbow.

06-02-10, 22:00
did you get a straighth referal from your GP? or did you get see a gastroenterologist first?

Im having asthma like symptoms, some minor difficulty swallowing at times. Lots of wind that just sits in my chest/throat, discomfort at top of stomach (bubbly etc). Palps, throat flutters etc...I was in the hospital today and they said its worth investigating.

06-02-10, 22:27
never relaxed
i haveall the same symptoms as you, my doctor just gave me tablets, i think i need investigastions too. i feel breathless especially when i eat, does anyone else get this?

07-02-10, 01:14
I wondered what the hell it could be for months..I was feeling so ill and I just knew it wasn't all anxiety/in my head...Then I figured out that it was worse after I ate...Id get short of breath and wheezy...Im going to make an apptmnt with my dr this week and talk everything through with her...I hope she will be understanding and send me for the tests...My drs have a habit of just fobbing me off with anxiety..which I do have but I know thts nt the case this time.

I have lightheaded/dizzy spells too and apparently GERD or bad reflux can cause this..my sinuses are always stuffy/blocked.

Im pretty sure its reflux/GERD because the doc at the hospital today gave me gaviscon and my symptoms have GREATLY improved..Im able to eat properly!!!

demand the investigations. Its your right as a patient.

09-10-12, 19:58
Hi all :)

I went today for my Endoscopy, and it was not as bad as i had imagined at all,
But they did find something :ohmy: The surgeon said he had found an ulcer and also (in hes words "2 other things" ) that he took biopsy's of.

I am just a bit worried because he wants me to go back in 8 weeks for another, so my worry is not over yet..:huh: