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20-12-05, 18:59
I had to re-register but this is Chrissy. I think I have the same username still. Anyway, my Dr prescribed me zoloft. My main symptoms are panic and anxiety, not so much depression. He is starting me at 25 mil then increasing to 50 mil after a week. I would really like to hear success stories with this med. I only started taking it last nite and I have to be honest it was VERY scary for me. I would like some reassurance if anyone has it! Thank you

20-12-05, 19:51
Welcome back, Chrissy.

Since most people here are from the UK, I better point out that Zoloft is known over here as Lustral and that its generic name is Sertraline.

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21-12-05, 15:27
I have been on Sertaline for 2 years. I can't say it did me any harm, but didn't seem to help much either. I was on quite a low dose. I have now decided to come off meds very slowly with the help of the doctor, and try to ease my anxiety with diet, exercise and supplements. I know of people out there who found Sertraline did help them quite a lot.

Jenny xxx