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18-01-10, 20:27
need advise
im on seroxart 20mg been suffering with panick again for few mnths doc wantsnme to up my meds to 30mg im scaed i will get major sid efects as ive been on this dose for 12 years, it worked brilliantly for first 7 years.
please help.:weep:

22-01-10, 16:15
Hi Maybe

I recently upped to 30mg from 20mg and didn't notice any adverse effects. The doc did give me some diaz just in case, but i haven't taken that much of it. I think it's worth trying a stronger dose of serox before considering changing meds, getting onto new meds is awful. Anyway if you look at the patient info leaflet with serox it says that 40mg is the recommended dose for panic disorder. You could try going to 25mg for a little while if you're very concerned. Wishing you the best of luck.

Love and Hugs

22-01-10, 18:20
hi bexie
thankyoufor your reply,ivenot been well so i think that added to my anxiety,today im thinking more logically, so heres my plan lol.
for moths i have suffered with sinus problems very breathless specially on eating, also noisy acidy bloated stomach heartburn etc so ihave rang the doctor today and hes given me some meds for my stomach and antbiotics for my sinuses... if this dosnt help me with my breathing problems then i will up my meds.... going to be brave so i can have a life again.

22-01-10, 19:04
Hi Maybe,
I have been on seroxat for 12 years and over this time have had to increase my dose on more than one occasion and have been right up to the maximum of 60mg. I have only ever found that I tend to sleep more and that they slow down your bowls. You can always ask if you can have 10mg tablets and break one in half to try increasing just 5mg first, but I'm sure you will be fine as you only tend to get side effects on any consequence when you start a new medication rahter than when you increase one.
Hope this helps a little, let me know how you go on.