View Full Version : stetraline or zolloft is there a diference?

22-01-10, 00:59
Been on stetraline for three weeks now I think i was on zoloft before and it seems diferent i think i like the zoloft better if i remeber right. you think there s a differnce and it's all in my head?

22-01-10, 01:43
Hi there
They are the same drug, one is the just the trade name.
Most drugs have 2 names.

22-01-10, 02:07
Well, having been on loads of different brands of sertraline and other drugs I think there is a difference sometimes (albeit subtle). I stick to one brand now.

Ask for Zoloft (though I know you guys pay for meds in the US) rather than the generic and see if that makes a difference.