View Full Version : had my last endoscopy

magpie girl
22-01-10, 18:56
Well i arrived at the hospital 8.30am felt a bit of anxiety creeping in.The nice nurse did my bloods ect,explained the procedure yet again lol:)(IVE HAD 3 DONE).Paul waited with me incase i did a bunk out the nearest door,and he warned the nurses:blush::blush::blush:.I watched the clock ticking away it got to 10am they took me,and i was out by 10.15 :yesyes::yesyes::yesyes: I was back home by 11.30 having a well earned cuppa.I got my results there and then which was also great as im not good at waiting:D:D:D.And the results are a HUGE OESOPHAGUS HIATUS HERNIA. he said he had never seen one that big lol
So this explains the vomiting,the pain,the huge belly,and the feeling of a heart attack.I AM SO HAPPY I FINALLY KNOW THE ANSWER:yesyes::yesyes:

22-01-10, 19:21
Thats good Nic...that you know...not that you have a hernia though obviously! Can it be treated easily? Hope so xx

22-01-10, 19:46
Glad you got through the endoscopy okay. You will be glad you now have a diagnosis and can now get some treatment. Knowing what's wrong is reassurance in itself. Take care.

Veronica H
22-01-10, 22:28
Hi Nic :flowers::bighug1:So pleased that you know what this is now and can get some help at last. Does this mean an Op?


magpie girl
22-01-10, 23:10
I need to see gp on monday to discuss the op to repair the hernia:weep::weep: Im in alot of pain tonight my heart feels sore and all under my left breast is constant pain.Im hoping its just normal after pains as i did alot of retching,and i have been sick 7 times tonight.Ive never been like this before after an endoscopy but i was in hospital doped up to the eye balls before:winks::winks::winks:

Veronica H
23-01-10, 11:57
:bighug1:Hang in there Nic. I would think the nausea would probably be a mixture of anxiety and tiredness as that was a big day for you. There will be all sorts of emotions to deal with because as well as the relief of finding out, there is also more to do to put it right.I hope they get on with it soon so you can put this behind you. :hugs: