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22-01-10, 22:52

A red lamp post and field of blue,
A satsuma sun, and a purple boot,
I see what's hidden, not whats there,
for whats there is in flames,
and written in blood.
the devil exists only where the rich cannot see
and i wasn't born here.
not me.
the paddington roses fly into the stream
and gooseberries grow from the sky,
but yet, he looms in the distance
and i've tasted the skin of my teeth.

dont search for me, im already gone,
fetch me in hell,
where the brimstone burns.

22-01-10, 23:03

Have you posted this in the wrong place?

Is this a poem maybe?

22-01-10, 23:17
:welcome:TO NMP THAT ...Perhaps you could post something about yourself on the introduction forum ,,Members will welcome you to the site ...and get to know a bit about your problems too .. T/c Sue

Going home
22-01-10, 23:24
It would make a good song for a band like Coldplay etc. If you've written it yourself its very good...if a little dark, but hey...depression is darkness I guess, though ive never suffered with it. Would be interesting to know more about you here. Just don't scare us too much, we're all scared enough already :scared15:

Take care
GH xx

26-01-10, 22:08
This is awesome, its the kinda thing Ann Rice or Poe might right. Did you write it? Your very talented if you did :)