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anx mum
24-01-10, 16:38
Went 2 docs again today cos was in agony with my calf really getting me down cos been in pain so long:weep: docs doing a di dimer 2 check my clotting levels in my blood im glad in a way but scared in another maybe if it comes bk ok i can focus my thoughts 2 getting better.

24-01-10, 16:40
I'm surprised the hospital never done a d-dimer as they can get an almost instant result. This would have saved you weeks of worry and stress. I've got a feeling it will be negative. I hope so and you can try and start getting on with your life - you've had a heck of a time of it recently.

24-01-10, 16:43
Hey Anx.

I hope your results come back neg, (they will) and i hope you can put the stress and worry behind you, its the waiting thats the worst stress so get distracted :).

good luck and big hugs xxx :hugs:

anx mum
24-01-10, 16:52
i know cant believe they havent done one either i think if it comes bk negative i can put my mind at rest. There said will have results 2moz goto ring up after 3. Have any of u had one?

24-01-10, 17:17
One of my son's had it done. They took a blood sample from his stomach. His was positive but it also does this if you have pneumonia, which he had.

anx mum
24-01-10, 17:20
From his stomach ouch is this where its taken from? Thanx myra u have really been helping me lately xx

24-01-10, 17:27
That's where they took his from. He said it wasn't too bad. Got results right away. Don't worry. They are doing everything for you. I'm sure it will be negative and then you can try and start to relax. You must be worn out. Let us know how you get on.

anx mum
24-01-10, 17:31
yeah worn out just want 2 b well so can start planing my wedding. U on msn or facebook?

24-01-10, 17:47
No I'm not on msn or facebook. Just try and make up your mind that you are going to get out of this vicious circle of worrying and think about the future. You say you are going to plan your wedding. Why don't you make a start and write everything down you need to plan and book and it might help lift your mind. It's maybe all getting on top of you.

anx mum
24-01-10, 19:10
it is hun so stressed cry everday really scared always been anxious but not this bad just want a answer u know

anx mum
25-01-10, 12:46
Had my di dimar test done this am so scared really hope it comes bk negative been in agony again 2day. Should get results this afternoon.

25-01-10, 14:25
I hope it puts your mind at rest ,i really do ..All the extra anxiety is probably making the pain worse ,,,All the best hun Sue xx:hugs:

anx mum
25-01-10, 14:27
Do u know what result means i think nurse said if over 250 needs looking into. In so much pain.

anx mum
25-01-10, 16:15
d- dimer has come bk normal:)does this mean no clots

25-01-10, 17:43
Yes, this definitely means no clots. That's great news. Try and concentrate on the future. If you are still in pain then take regular pain relief and try and distract yourself when you start to think negatively. You can do it.

25-01-10, 17:46
That is good news!you dont have to worry no more that have clots x

25-01-10, 17:52
Hi Bev
That is great news
You can start and concentrate on that wedding and keep yourself occupied
Just keep taking the pain killers.
Will speak soon


anx mum
25-01-10, 21:53
thanks for all ur replies was shocked by result really thought i had one im relived its come bk ok just need 2 find out what it is now

26-01-10, 06:24
hi bev so glad it came back ok for you , sorry ive not been around much to help you lartely but you know im here if you ever need me


15-02-10, 12:08
I had a d dimer done a few weeks back, it was high and they gave me anti coag stuff. Had CT scan to check for clots - non there.

D Dimer isnt just for clots, it will be high if there are other infections etc. Its not wholey indicative of clotting.