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04-02-10, 18:40
I will also wear pink next friday as mark of respect for our Kazzie, great idea granny P xxxxxxxx

04-02-10, 18:58

With all due respect Nikk, i think we should lay Kazz to rest before jumping in and making plans ect. I am sure that Nic will be in touch with Roger in the near future to discuss NMP's donation and where he would like it to go.


04-02-10, 19:01
Lisa i totally agree with what your saying and anything coming from NMP should go through Nic its not up to members to decide, think poor roger has enough on his plate at the minute without everyone calling him, any contact made should be through NMP and not individual members, poor man must be over whelmed

magpie girl
04-02-10, 19:59
I have to agree here rodger has lost his wife friend and soul mate,he needs both time and space to come to term with his sudden loss.I know kazzie touched the hearts of us all and many would like to donate money to a charity of his choice ,i just think it should wait till kazzie is buried.Phoning the family every few days just adds to his pressure i think they should be left alone to grieve how they wish.I am sorry if this upsets anyone but right now its family they need.
Everyone can grieve and show support by wearing pink and maybe doing something kazzie liked,i will be wearing pink fluffy socks while i feed the wildlife on the lake.

Granny Primark
04-02-10, 20:07
Whatever Roger decides Im fully in total agreement.
He needs to grieve for someone who we all think we knew and loved.
But he is the person who knew our beloved kazzie the most.

04-02-10, 22:42
I remember Kazzie for the thumbs up she used to give in answer to my posts.

Heres a thumbs up for you Kaz :yesyes:

I also remember her for asking me about the birds in her garden and what she could put in her bird feeder. When I go outside on the 12th to feed my birds I will be wearing pink in her memory.

04-02-10, 23:09
Just read replies.
I asked where any donations should be sent to and Nikk kindly replied.
It then seems the replies become a bit confusing.
I am familiar with deaths and funerals and donations -
I wasnt planning on sending to Kazzies husband. I don't know him nor knew Kazzie.
I thought Kazzie seemed a good kind person and I planned on making a donation to wherever the donations were being sent to.
Nikk was only being helpful to my reply. I didnt mean to start any bad feelings over donations!
I shall send my own donation to a cancer charity in memory of Kazzie.

04-02-10, 23:24
I think that what everyone meant was there will definitely be a way of contributing figured out but that the arrangements will be figured out after Kaz is laid to rest.

I think there was a consensus that her husband will be asked about what charity Kaz would have preferred and everyone just wants him to have the time and space to grieve so we are going to wait for a bit.

04-02-10, 23:49
Please can we remember this is about Kazz. I know people want to donate etc but if they want to donate to a charity she chose then bear with us ok and we will let people know.

This is a happy post about Kazz and not one for arguements and disagreements.

Let's be respectful ok

05-02-10, 00:30
I will also wear something pink on wednesday as a mark of respect to Kazz.

I agree that discussing donations is a little early, however I would like to know if there is a collection for some flowers for Kazz's funeral from people on NMP who are unable to attend her funeral?


05-02-10, 01:29
My thoughts are with Kazzie and her family, must be so heart rending for all family and friends alike........im no that good with words, at times like this, but big huggles to roger and family ....i shall wear pink next friday and think of a daft moment or two when kazzie made me pmsl..hee hee hee....i shouldve typed this how i speak....she was always taking mick outta my scots accent and daft slang, rest well kazzie, thinking of u xxxxxx mo xxxx

05-02-10, 04:13
We know not when... we know not where... we often think our lives unfair, but then we hear and want to share in mourning the loss of Kazz, so prepare. Donations yes but let them be, for Cancer Care or McMillan Cancer Relief; and why - because that is where they work hard and long to be part of the journey till life is at an end. The nurses become close friends and show that cancer needn't be more than a fear we leave to grow. Far better that we remember and praise the life of Roger's special loving wife and Richard's mum will see him grow, but as from where we just don't know.... May Angels Tend your every care, cos Kazz will be we know not where, but where she is we know she'll share her precious self with all she knew and those who never knew her too! Mystically yours - just Stu ((((((((Rog and Rich))))))))) My prayers are with you.

05-02-10, 04:50
I will also wear something pink on wednesday as a mark of respect to Kazz.

I agree that discussing donations is a little early, however I would like to know if there is a collection for some flowers for Kazz's funeral from people on NMP who are unable to attend her funeral?


Yes there is going to be a collection for flowers. Nic is getting the info on pricing and the like and there will be a post about it with all the specifics soon.
I think that we are also going to have something the day of the funeral in chat for those who wish to attend but can't make the funeral.
Details on both to come soon.

05-02-10, 10:46
Sorry All. Its my fault.

I didnt ring Roger about this. I asked him when he phoned me to give the arrangements.


05-02-10, 11:14
Sorry All. Its my fault.

I didnt ring Roger about this. I asked him when he phoned me to give the arrangements.


Don't worry yourself Nikk. It's a difficult time for everyone. :bighug1:

pink daisy
05-02-10, 12:37
what thoughts have u on the flowers ? a word? kazzie? or jfdi? or lol maybe?

kate xx

05-02-10, 12:49
Hi Kate

Admin and mod team are getting an NMP wreath.
I like your suggestions :) I'm sure she would love that .


05-02-10, 13:30
Pink eh?
Why am i not surprised? Kazzie was kind and thoughtful and such a lady!! Pink is the perfect colour for people to pay there respects in. I won't be at the funeral but i will wear pink that day in respect for the our princess kazzie!! May she rest in peace n shime in peoples hearts forever!!! xxx

08-02-10, 13:50
Kazzie's Funeral Arrangements

Please refer to this link for the latest details concerning the funeral arrangements, including where to send floral tributes. http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?p=614699

Thanks to Nikk for getting all the initial info.

09-02-10, 00:12
In Memory of a Special Lady,

I will make a donation to Macmillan Cancer Research as I always do on these sad occasions and have done since I lost a dear wife to the illness in 1985. More worryingis the fact that a friend's daughter passed on one week last Sunday and am having to deal with that issue day by day; life goes on - wherever and whatever....

In life we are in death - in death we pray for Eternal Life... May the Great Creator Spirit comfort each as we make this earthly journey, with its lossess and may we not forget the gains we made in knowing the one now absent from our lives... So May it be! Stu_uk

09-02-10, 11:08
I just found out about kazzie in the chat room,i am in total shock,she was a great lady,and will be missed by all,my heart goes out to her family and friends.may you rest in peace kazz.we all will miss you loads.and love you always.

10-02-10, 17:03
Kazzie's Funeral Arrangements (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?p=614699): This thread has been updated today: 10 February 2010.

11-02-10, 13:40
Are we donating towards the flowers please.:hugs:

12-02-10, 14:47
This is for Roger Richard and Kazzies family ;We are thinking of you today .

If your sorrow can be lessend
In some warm and special way
By knowing that so many share
In your loss with you today
And if it brings you comfort
When others show they care
Please know that thoughts are with you
And remember they are there .

God Bless You Kazzie RIP ..XX

12-02-10, 15:44
Kazzie would have been proud of her nmp friends that managed to attend her funeral today,I know some were really finding it hard.Well done to you all.:hugs::bighug1::bighug1::bighug1:

12-02-10, 18:28
It was nice to meet so many NMP members today. I only wish it could have been under better circumstances.

It was a tough day for everyone, but I'm glad I was able to make it and pay tribute to a dear friend who did so much to help me.

Thank you Rach for transport and the company. And love to Roger. A valued friend.

12-02-10, 18:44

I'm so glad it went well :hugs:


12-02-10, 19:02
Thank you for letting us know.

12-02-10, 22:50
I have to say the funeral was a very moving tribute to our friend Kazz with loads of people wearing pink as she requested.

Some of her friends made their own tribute to Kazz by throwing a bottle of beer and a packet of cigarettes into the grave and everyone thought that was just what Kazz would have wanted to go with her so it was a very fitting gesture.:yesyes:

The admins and chat room mods wanted to thank Kazz for all she has done on NMP and we got the following wreath made up for her (I thought members may like to see it):


My thanks to Rach (bluesparkle) for arranging this and collecting the flowers.

It was lovely to meet Gary, Rach, Brian, Nikk, Helen (and partner) and Twiglet (and partner) and of course to see Roger again after 3 years since the last NMP meetup I went to. I think Kazz would have been pleased that we were all there together.

I spoke to Roger about donations and will do a separate post about that for anyone that wants to donate to Kazz's chosen causes.

Sleep in peace now Kazz.

12-02-10, 22:52
Thank you for letting us know.


The flowers you sent were gorgeous - roses with green foliage. Just wanted you to know that we did see them.

13-02-10, 00:30
Flowers were lovely thank you for letting us all see them here.xxxxxxx:hugs:

13-02-10, 17:05
My partner and I went and visited Kazzie's grave today to pay our respects and take some flowers.Her grave is full of beautiful flower's alot in her favourite colour of pink.The NMP flowers were really lovely.

rest in peace Kazz.xxxxxxxxx:hugs:

13-02-10, 17:18
I am glad you got to go and say your goobye's Yorkylover.

13-02-10, 17:49
Thank you for sharing the photo of Kazz's wreath Nic, it is really lovely and a fitting gesture. :hugs: xxx

13-02-10, 19:57
I've been away for a while and was so very saddened to hear the sad news about Kazzie. She was a lovely lady. My thoughts are with her family.

Wendy xx

14-02-10, 17:36
The NMP wreath was very lovely. Kaz had a good send off.

Also lovely to meet everyone that hasnt been met before. I do have a few pics of us afterwards which I will sort out later.

Helen, Craig and myself went back yesterday to say goodbye as I couldnt do it on the day but I think Kaz would understand.

Love you Kaz.

Nikk xxxxxxxxxxx

Granny Primark
14-02-10, 20:49
Nic the nmp wreath was really lovely.
Im sure she was looking down and feeling really impressed how much she was loved.

16-02-10, 00:13
I didn't know Kazzie, but she did once leave a message on one of my posts when I was upset about my Grandad dieing. I thought I'd share it with you...

Awww Dolan:hugs:

Been there mate my cousin was 42 and I had to flick the switch....Grandad is now resting with the angels and watching out for you:hugs:

Luv Kaz x x x:hugs:

So for everyone who knew Kazzie, I'll offer you the same advice she once offered me...Kazzie is now resting with the angels and watching out for you.

Hope it helps, slightly.

Nat x

16-02-10, 12:51
This all happened before I joined, but this sort of thing is always horrendous, especially when you see past posts and see what a kind-hearted person she clearly was.


16-02-10, 16:20
I just heard about Kazzie. I had a conversation with her in the chat room and that was all I needed to remember her by. I'm saddened to read back on some of her posts and see how strong she was but also how fragile. Bless her, her family and her husband as heaven knows it's difficult. With much love and best wishes to all.

20-02-10, 00:02
As an intermittent visitor of NMP I was shocked to visit tonight and see this thread.

I neither personally knew nor shared any posts with Kazzie but was a great 'silent' fan of both her posts, humour & popularity.

To a mere onlooker, she must have been a FANTASTIC person to know and I'm sorry that I never had the priviledge - but it doesn't make it any less shocking to learn this sad news.

I'd like to dedicate the following to Kazzie's family:

A rose once grew where all could see,
sheltered beside a garden wall,

And as the days passed swiftly by,
it spread its branches straight and tall....

One day, a beam of light shone through a crevice
that had opened wide -

The rose bent gently towards its warmth
then passed beyond to the other side...

Now you who deeply feel its loss, be comforted - the rose blooms there -
Its beauty even greater now, nurtured by God's loving care.

I'm, maybe ashamedly, not a religious person but I recently had occasion to buy a card for a friend and these words struck me as very moving.

Having read the posts tonight, I wish I could have incorporated a drink and some ciggies into the poem - it would appear she would have enjoyed that.

Salt of the Earth springs to mind

My thoughts go out to Kazzie's memory, her loved ones and those that were lucky enough to know her.

With Best Wishes

25-02-10, 23:17
Hi I used to be known as Sandy 1974 and Ive just seen this thread and Im really sorry to hear the bad news. I had the pleasure of meeting Kazzie twice and she was a wonderful woman. My thoughts are with Roger and the rest of the family.

26-02-10, 00:39
Did anyone let Karen know about Kazzie,she used to be here alot chatting to Kazzie,but she left.She had anorexia!

26-02-10, 04:26
Yes I'm sure that Karen knows.

Granny Primark
26-02-10, 21:35
Ive got karen on my facebook and she is aware of kazzies death.

26-02-10, 21:40
Kazzie was a lovely woman who touched a lot of peoples hearts including mine, I send all my love and compassion to her dear family.
love Mags xxxxxx

08-03-10, 23:15
I just came back to NMP after a break and I am so sorry and sad to hear this terrible news. Thinking of you Kazzie, and your family sending them love and hope. My memory of Kazzie will stay as one of this sites supportive members and she gave selflessly. Love you

15-03-10, 11:43
i have not been on here for a while just seen this.

i am really sorry i just dont know what to say i am in such shock.