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25-01-10, 10:25
I've just had a phone call from Roger, Kazzie's husband, to say that Kazzie is in intensive care and that we must expect the worst.

They were informed on the 11th of this month that ovarian cancer had been discovered. It's location and rapid spread makes it inoperable. This obviously answers the many questions surrounding the numerous unexplained symptoms and the great pain that Kazzie has suffered with most recently.

Roger says they really don't know how long she is expected to last, and frankly they are now waiting for the inevitable. It could be in a week, or it might be today.

Cancer was doubtless at the back of everyone's mind, and I'm sorry that all our worst fears have now been realised.

Kazzie has been wonderful in helping me make progress with my agoraphobia over the last 18 months or more. And has been responsible for providing many laughs along the way.

Obviously I will keep everyone here informed as soon as anything becomes known to me.

Update: I hope Gary doesn't mind me updating this thread with the very very sad news that Kazzie passed away last night (28 Jan 2010). She was in no pain. She will be missed by so many. You touched our hearts and our lives Kazz. Rest in peace now mate.xxxx Nicola (nomorepanic)

25-01-10, 10:42
Im actually speechless, my thoughts and prayers are with Kazzie and of course Roger and family xxxxx

25-01-10, 10:45
I dont know what to say. Except Im thinking of Roger and the family.

kaz is a special person to have meet.
I cant write anymore as i cant believe this is happening.

Nikk xxxxxxx

25-01-10, 10:48

This is such terrible news, i didnt even know she was ill i havent been around for a while.

My thoughts and prayers are with Kazzie and her family.

Such a wonderfull lady who as helped so many including me.:hugs:


25-01-10, 10:50
Love, thoughts and prayers for one of the kindest, thoughtful and totally irreverant people on NMP-It's been a pleasure to know you Kazz.

Strength for Roger and the family and know that we are all with you in spirit. :weep:

Thank you Gary for keeping us informed.

25-01-10, 10:55
you are all in my thoughts
im sorry but cant put any words down right now
kaz you are a special person...
all my thoughts prayers and wishes are with you guys right now

25-01-10, 10:55
I want to write something but I just have no words for the total shock and sadness I am feeling right now - I cant believe it.

My thoughts are with Kazzie, Roger and all her family


25-01-10, 11:06
sending my love, such sad news xx

25-01-10, 11:14
Not been on here in ages, but popped on after being told the sad news about Kaz, just want to send all my love to Kaz and her family, she is such a lovely lady who i had the pleasure of meeting :hugs:

Trac xxxx

25-01-10, 11:20
How very very sad. My thoughts are with kazzie and her family xx

25-01-10, 11:24
Our thoughts are with Kazzie, Roger and their family and all their special friends; you will all be in our prayers during this sad time.

Helen and Craig xx

Vanilla Sky
25-01-10, 11:25
This is awful news, and so sad, Love to everyone, especially Kazzie xxxxx

25-01-10, 11:56
I am so very very sorry,Kazzie has always been such a laugh on here and really supportive to me when i was really bad,im gutted i really am and we will all miss you so much on here Kaz.I never even got to meet you and i wish i had been able to make it to the meets:( Sending love and support to Roger and all the family.
Ali xxxxxx

25-01-10, 12:23
Such devastating news :weep:

I can't put into words what a wonderful, kind, helpful lady Kazzie is, and what a great impact she's had on my recovery.

Sending my love to her and her family, I'm not a religious person but they will all be in my thoughts x

25-01-10, 12:41
I have looked at this thread numerous times within the past couple of hours not knowing what to say, I am speechless.
My thoughts and prayers are with Kazzie, Roger and their family and friends. xxxx

25-01-10, 12:47
my thoughts and prayers are with you all, Kazzie you are a true insperation to us all, god bless you

Emms xxxxxx

25-01-10, 12:57
What devastating news ..My thoughts ,prayers and love ,are with Kazzie and her family and friends ..You have truly made such a difference to so many people Kazzie ,im sorry I never had the pleasure of meeting you ...You will be sadly missed here ,but never forgotten .Thinking of you .Luv Sue xx

25-01-10, 13:00
Gutted, shocked, my thoughts are with you Kazz xxx

25-01-10, 13:11
That is so sad, it seems so so unfair. Thinking of Kazzie and her family xxxxxxxx

25-01-10, 13:44
Oh no.......This is just terrible news. I am so shocked and upset.
We knew she wasn't well but I didn't realise she was so ill.
Kazzie seems such a lovely, caring, kind lady. I always read her posts.
I don't usually pray but I am going to for Kazzie, Roger, and all her family and all her friends including Nikk and Gary.
Thank You to both Nikk and Gary for keeping us all updated.
I am just so sorry.

25-01-10, 13:56
I just dont know what to say or write , except my thoughts and prayers are right with you Kazzie and also your fantastic family and friends xxxxxxxx

25-01-10, 14:13
my thoughts and prayers are with kazzie and her husband
love debera

25-01-10, 14:17
My prayers are with Kazzie, Roger and family today xxxxxx

25-01-10, 14:30
I have absolutely no idea what to say
My thoughts, prayers and love are with you Kazz and Roger!
All my love

25-01-10, 14:36
I have just logged on and was so shocked to read this. In my three years as a member of No More Panic, Kazzie has always shown kindness towards me and she has always been extremely thoughtful towards anyone with problems here. Kazzie, you are a very special person, All of us are praying for you and our thoughts are with Roger and your family and friends at this time. With very special love and prayers, I am thinking of you Kazzie.

25-01-10, 14:37
That is so sad. My heart goes out to Kazzie and her family. It's just awful.
Myra x

25-01-10, 14:57
what horrible news

love and prayers


25-01-10, 15:14
Devasting news,

My thoughts and prayers are with you Kazzie and family xxx

25-01-10, 15:29
Just like everyone else has said, i am shocked and saddened to hear this latest news, kazzie is a lady who has touched a lot of peoples lives in a very positive way.
kazzie , her family , and friends will be in my thoughts and prayers. xx

Granny Primark
25-01-10, 15:31
I truly am gutted! Shes given me help and support, shes made me laugh,shes been so supportive and truly caring to me.
I want a miracle to happen. From a selfish point of view I feel robbed that I never had the chance to meet up with such a wonderful person.
:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::h ugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hug s::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

25-01-10, 15:36
I am so sorry to hear this about poor Kazzie, my thoughts and prayers are with Kazzie and her family


25-01-10, 15:42
Such devastating news, my thought and prayers are with kazzie and her family.


claire m
25-01-10, 15:46
absolutly devastating news.
Kazzie touched so many people and her advice has helped so many.
my love goes to her family and friends

25-01-10, 16:06
sorry hear that you are not well.

25-01-10, 16:24
i have prayed for her

25-01-10, 16:42

Oh Gosh what to say, there really aren't words to express how devastated I am to hear such shocking news. I'm so very priviledged to have met Kazzie such a lovely person and full of fun x
My thoughts are very much with Kazzie and her family and I'm praying for comfort, peace and no pain for Kazzie at this very sad time.

Much love to Kazzie and her family

love Sax

magpie girl
25-01-10, 17:12
im both shocked and devastated,words can not express how i feel:weep::weep::weep: My thoughts and prayers are with kazz and all her family,xxxxxxxxxx
kazz you will always be one amazing,loving,caring,person:bighug1::bighug1::big hug1::bighug1::bighug1::bighug1::bighug1::bighug1: :bighug1::bighug1:

25-01-10, 17:24
I was really devastated to hear this news today.:weep:

I have known Kazzie a few years now and met her and Roger at an NMP meetup in Feb 2007.

As you all know Kazzie is also a chat room moderator so is a huge help to me on NMP.

I don't know what to say for now but my thoughts are with you Kazzie and with Roger and all your friends and family.

I am so sorry they left it too late to find out why you were in so much pain and the news is just too shocking to seem real.:lac:

Thanks for being there for so many of us Kazz.

25-01-10, 17:34
kazzie you are a wounderfull lady my thoughts are with you and your family god bless

25-01-10, 17:37
Kazzie's a great person and it shouldnt have happened to such a great gal.

thought are with her and her family at present.


25-01-10, 17:53
I'm so sorry to hear of this devastating news and my thoughts and prayers are with Kazzie and her family at this awful time.

25-01-10, 17:58
OMG, i only just got on as not been on for awhile and i really dont know what to say, i didnt know, i feel very sad and my thoughts r with her and her family, such very sad news. :(

25-01-10, 18:03
There are no words to express how horrible this is. Kazz you have always managed to put a smile on my face. I will be thinking of you and your family.
Nikk- I am always here for you hun xxx

25-01-10, 18:14
I am so sorry to hear this truly devastating news. I never actually 'knew' kazzie but felt her warmth from her forum replies. Whatever Kazzie and Rogers journey is now may Father God guide them and lay his healing hands on them both. I am very very sorry and send many supportive wishes.

25-01-10, 18:27
Im still sooo shocked. This isnt sinking in. :hugs: I cant beelvie this and I cant stop crying.

I for one was very glad I meet up wth Kaz. For all I have done, Since I had the kikc up the bums.

It will be hard now as I felt safe with Kaz and I was in the process of talking. But I know I have more people I can talk to about things. :(

Nikk xxxxx

25-01-10, 18:38
i cant belive it!!!
kazzie is such a wonderful person. she has help me so much. i just cant find the words right now. i love her so much. all my love to kaz roger and family xxx

25-01-10, 19:21
I have only just heard and even though I havent been on here in a while I wanted 2 send my love 2 Kaz and family ...its such sad news ...x big hugs 4 eva Kaz xxxxxx

Tina A
25-01-10, 19:33
I read this on the train home but couldn't post. Just wanted to add my thoughts and prayers for Kazzie and her family & friends. Such a dreadful thing to happen to a lady who seems such a lovely warm soul and whose posts have always made me smile. Thinking of you all. Txx

25-01-10, 20:11
I never actually knew Kazzie but i had spoken with her and i have a lot of respect for her. I know she spread warmth and love and laughs to everyone whome she had contact with. This is just too sad and i dont know what else to say.
Kazzie thinking of you with all my heart

Kerry xxxxxxx

25-01-10, 20:35
I just want to say how amazing it is so see members come back to NMP on hearing about Kazz to show their love and support. It just shows what a lovely lady our Kazz is and how many people she has touched.
You really are a fabulous lot


25-01-10, 20:58
Thank you Lisa. I was going to do a post like that.

I will be sending this to Roger in the next couple of days to show him too.

Nikk xxxxxx

25-01-10, 21:12
I'm so sorry to hear this terrible news. I've not been on NMP for a while but recently I heard that Kazzie was unwell. I had no idea how serious it was until I just read this thread.

Kazzie was so lovely to me when my dog died and I have never forgotten her kindness.

My thoughts are with Kazzie and her family at this difficult time. :flowers:

25-01-10, 21:21
So sad to find out what has happened to Kazzie.

I have been online friends with Kazzie for a few years.

My thoughts go out to all concerned and I wish there could be something I could do to help. I have already organised to take part in Race For Life.

I am going to make you proud Kazzie and make more of an effort to do things.

You said when I felt up to it, I should travel to the south coast. I hope to do that one day!


25-01-10, 21:27
Very sad news!! My thoughts go to Kazzie and family. Butterfly1

25-01-10, 21:30
All my love and thoughts:hugs:

margaret jones
25-01-10, 21:41
Thonking f you Kazzie and all your family and friends I wll light a candle for you

25-01-10, 21:51
All my love and thoughts to Kazzie and her family xxxxx

pink daisy
25-01-10, 21:58
thinking of you Kazz.. my kids and Graham all send there love to you and your family.
keep strong!!

kazz we were going to be silly and wear bunny ears at the easter party hun lol
I just hope that something could be done to get you better.. im not a religous person
but I just hope that a prayer could help u hun to get better

if you can find away kazz fight xxx

25-01-10, 22:05
I'm so sorry to hear this terrible news :( thoughts are with Kazz and her family and friends xx

25-01-10, 22:12
My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you Kazzie and your family.You have touched the hearts of so many.You are indeed a very special lady.:hugs:

25-01-10, 22:19
kazzie i hope you find peace through these difficult times xxx

pink daisy
25-01-10, 22:28
I just wish that kazzie would come on here and say it was just her period again like she did before :-(

I would actually have a few drinks for you kazz lol but i dont really drink lol but hey maybe a glass of bailys on the rocks ;-)

hey Kazz a few of us girlies are crying grr over you being ill.. I know you would tell us to get a grip and talk about somthing positive.

is there any good looking doctors there?? its actually crap knowing that I cant actually do anything :-( somehow writing here actually helps xx

kate x

25-01-10, 22:37
Kate - a lot of us are really upset tonight so we know how you feel.:weep:

Kazz touches all our hearts in one way or another.

We will all pull together and be strong for our friend Kazz and Roger.

25-01-10, 22:40
Yup Kate you can add me to the crying gang..We all are :weep:

Kate you have that drink for Kaz hun and i am sure the rest of us will join you!

Much love

25-01-10, 22:45
Aww devastating news, gutted to hear this, thinking of you kaz and your family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

25-01-10, 23:15
Only registered couple of days ago and was so shocked to read about this wonderful sounding Kazzie. She sounds far too terrific for this.

Angel x

25-01-10, 23:38
Am shocked to hear this

Am thinking of u Kaz and family. Will pray for you

mandie xx

25-01-10, 23:50
I don't know Kazzie, but I do know many people who are close to her. I am deeply sorry to hear this... And I will keep Kazzie, her husband and all her family and friends in my prayers.


25-01-10, 23:53
I just want to say how amazing it is so see members come back to NMP on hearing about Kazz to show their love and support. It just shows what a lovely lady our Kazz is and how many people she has touched.
You really are a fabulous lot


Hun i havent been on 4 a while I do pop on now and again as this sight helped me more than any1 will ever know and I have made some life long m8s ...who still help me out each day ..Donna and Nic R u know u r my saviours ....but also others helped me and 1 of those was Kazz she made me smile when i thought smilin was impossible she made me see sense when i thought there was no such thing ....and so now as small as it may seem i want 2 send all that love she gave ryt back at her and let her know she is a truelly fabulous person .....love and hugs always xxxxxxxxxxxxx

26-01-10, 00:05
So sorry to hear this... Thinking of you Kazzie.

26-01-10, 00:11
To Kaz and Roger,

I'm deeply saddened to read of this terrible news.
I'll be thinking and praying for you both

Love Pooh xxxx

26-01-10, 00:12
So sad to hear this devastaing news.

My thoughts and prayers are with Kazzie, Roger and her loved ones.

26-01-10, 00:13
I didn't wish to go into too much detail in my intial post, because I felt the news was upsetting enough and gave the general story, but I think it's fair to say, and perhaps time to admit that frankly, and most regrettably, it's extremely unlikely Kazzie will have any personal awareness of these wonderfully touching and sincere messages.

Due to the cancer's proximity to other major organs, it's having a knock on effect which has resulted in her blood becoming infected. This obviously negates the body, including the brain, from getting a decent clean supply. She is not unconscious as such or in a coma, but she is not aware of her surroundings, that Roger is there, or indeed who Roger is.

That's as best as I can remember the fine detail from this morning's call from Roger. It hasn't really sunk in yet.

It's a great testament to her character to read such appreciation and warmth in these messages. She is so well loved here.

I've no doubt she would be in tears herself, if she were able to read them right now.

26-01-10, 00:26
Thanks Gary. This must be so hard for you to post as well.

I know that Kazz may not get to see these posts or hear about them but Roger will and he will know that we are all here for them both at this time.

Kazz knows we all love her - who couldn't - and she is a credit to NMP and all the help she has given me and so many more members.

I wish I could tell Kazz to hang in there but I know how horrid cancer is and all we can do now is pray for a peaceful end for her from her pain.

You are very much loved Kazz

Going home
26-01-10, 00:30
Why does it have to happen to the good ones? You gave alot of support, i'm so sorry we can't support you now.

Find peace kaz xxx

26-01-10, 00:32
Its so horrid isnt it? I keep thinking about Kazzie - all day I have actually.
She replied to me several times and was so supportive. She just seemed a lovely genuine caring kind person to all. Its all so sad.:weep:

26-01-10, 00:40
gaz thank you mate , i think everyone appreciate you keeping them informed :) , so thank you

Pink Princess
26-01-10, 01:06
just heard about this :( It is really heart breaking to hear and it's sad that kazzie won't see these but she already knows how well we all think of her and how much we all love her.

love and hugs for our kazzie. a true angel xxx

26-01-10, 01:12
only just found out about kazzie - you are an amazing lady, a true diamond to many on this site - thinking of you all at this sad time


26-01-10, 01:34
Too sad.


26-01-10, 01:57
From all I've read, she is a Very Special woman and so it is Very sad to hear such terrible news. xxx

26-01-10, 01:59
Cannot believe this devestating news, gosh, it's such a horrible shock :(

Kazzie inspired me in so many ways, picked me up when I was down, gave me a lot of laughs in the chat, I just, I can't believe we're going to lose such a wonderful person, who has helped, cared and supported everyone. She has a heart of gold, and not only will she be greatly missed, but she will continue to inspire and will never be forgotten.

My thoughts are with you and the family, Roger, aswell as everyone here who knew kazzie.

You will be truely missed, hunni,

Much love,

From Chrissy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Love and light.

26-01-10, 02:07
So sad to hear this!
I've waited all day to write this because it's just been such a shock.
Kaz has always been so supportive and a wonderful friend to so many!
Praying for Kaz and her family in this difficult time and praying for all her friends too because she has touched so many lives!

26-01-10, 02:24
Still can't believe it. Terrible news. :weep:

26-01-10, 03:08
I can't believe this, Kazzie Dear Kazzie I am so so sorry.

I will never forget all the help you gave me when I lost my cat Lady. Why oh why is this happening.

Kazzie's family - I am so sorry. But it's not over til it's over, til the man upstairs says so, so my prayers are with you Kaz.

Els xxx

26-01-10, 05:12
My thoughts and prayers are with Kazzie, Roger and her family and friends. I am shocked and so sad at this news.

Love to you all,

Laura xxx

26-01-10, 05:59

26-01-10, 06:12
gosh what can i say ive not been on here much lately, but i did see that something was up on another site, i had no idea what till i looked on here, i new then something must be badly wrong i dont even know what to say except kazzie made me laugh a few months ago in the chat room she had a great sense of humour i remeber saying to her in there that day thank you for making me laugh its not an east thing for someone to do anymore , her response was im so glad i made you laugh, thinking of you roger and kazzie and you will be in my thoughts and prayers ,so sorry to hear this of a truely inspirational person love to you all

26-01-10, 06:35
Im speechless to read about Kazzies illness - I pray to god her ending is peaceful & painless - She's gonna be missed by a lot of us all - a remarkable woman - My thoughts are with you and Roger right now - God Bless xxxx

Granny Primark
26-01-10, 07:42
I woke up this morning thinking I had had a nightmare about that special person kazzie. I had to come on the computer to make certain that it wasnt a dream.
Sadly its not!
Im gutted.
Roger, we are all here for you. You have been blessed to have such a very special person in your life.
Love you kazzie. I will never forget you mate. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

26-01-10, 08:06
This is just horrific. My heart goes out to Kazzie and her family.

I have no words to say, other then to many good people are being lost this month,

life is so cruel :-(

26-01-10, 08:10
oh ******!
ii dont know what to say but want to say something...
i couldnt sleep and like de hoped this was just a nightmare ...hoped this morning it would all be different.
what can i say...
kaz you have touched so many hearts hun...
that first meet up when i was rooted to the spot on that door step and you were in car park looking for rach!!!! any rach hey!
you are a fantastic mate and i will miss you VERY much.
and so will many many others.

we must all pull together now though and yes roger we are all here for you and your family...
gary thank you so much for posting it must have been difficult for you...i know i have been in touch and will be later today...
am still praying for a miracle but think maybe its out of reach ...
big hugs to you all.

26-01-10, 08:29
i only just found out of this sad news . i am gob smacked and speachless . life can be cruel . kaz was such a lovelly caring person and i will never forget her . my thoughts are with you and your family xxxxxxxx

26-01-10, 08:48
I've not been here for a long time and just read the sooooooooo sad news about poor Kazzie she will be missed by so many she really touched the hearts of everyone she spoke to, we had so many giggles in chat and always put her own problems to one side to help anyone that needed her.

Thoughts and Prayers are with Kazzie and her family along with all her friends here.

Brightest Blessings

26-01-10, 08:55
Dont know what to say really, Kazzie u are an amazing lovely woman who was so caring towards others, and this is so cruel for u to be struck down with this awful illness, just not fair, am gob smacked at this news.......sweet dreams to u Kazzie,
can only hope u aint in too much pain now........love and thoughts to roger and family, am so very sorry for u all xxxxxxx

26-01-10, 09:18
Go towards the light sweetheart - I can only hope that you will not be in any pain and that u will have a peaceful sleep.

I will be praying for a miracle but if my prayers are not answered I know you will make a beautiful angel.

How can we thank you enough for all the help and support you have given ?


26-01-10, 09:29
my prays go out to kaz and her family, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

26-01-10, 09:37
I know Kazzie but haven't been on here for a while, news so sad, I send her my best wishes.


26-01-10, 10:23
I have read this a few times over that past day and really dont know what to say!
I am totally shocked!
Kaz is a lovely person and I really enjoyed talking to her!
I am finding it really hard to think of the words to say!
Love to Kaz at this terrible time and to all her family!!
We will all be thinking of you!
Candy xx

26-01-10, 10:24
OMG i am truly speechless to read what is happening to the lovely Kazzie :(

My thoughts love and prayers are with Kazzie, Roger, Family and friends :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Blessings to you all

26-01-10, 11:23
I havent stopped thinking about this since hearing such sad news yesterday, i feel so sad for her family and close friends and anyone who has shared a special moment with her, she was an extremely special lady who put so much effort into helping other people and putting a smile on peoples faces even though she struggled so much herself, she was one of the few trully genuine good people in this world. :( xx

26-01-10, 11:23
soo sad,
love to you all xxxx

26-01-10, 12:15
I found out the news yesterday about Kazzie having not been on here for a while, its so sad and shocking and my love and thoughts are with her and her family xxx

26-01-10, 12:17
I still really cant beleive this. She is a true Angel to everyone. No horrible piece in her.

This is the last photo I had with her.

http://photos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs050.snc3/13750_176904648263_564268263_2952065_3120822_n.jpg (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2952066&id=564268263)

Which means alot to me.

I love you Kazz

26-01-10, 12:20
Im so sorry to hear this

my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family kazz, you will be missed :weep:

26-01-10, 12:35
I only found out this morning. Kazz was the most amazing person that I have ever met. When I lost my baby she was fantastic,so caring and so loving. I've known kazz since I first came onto NMP she was a great m8.
My heart and prayers go out to Kazz and her family.
Dawn xxxxxx:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

26-01-10, 12:41
my thoughts are with kaz and her family during this horrible timexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

26-01-10, 12:46
I only just read this thread this morning and just wanted to add how very sorry I am. I don't know Kazzie but I can see from all the loving posts on here that she is a very caring and lovely person and it's just very sad :weep:

26-01-10, 12:52
terrible news for a caring and wonderful lady ,my thoughts are with her and her family xxx

26-01-10, 13:38
Really cant believe it. Absoultley devestating. My thoughts and prayers to the lovely Kazzie, and all her family. xxxxx

26-01-10, 14:48
To Kazzie's Family,

I wish I could express the sorrow we feel at knowing the profound loss you are soon to bear.

I hope it provides you with some comfort to know that others care.
Kazzie was an amazing person who had such a positive impact on those she came into contact with.

I hope that you can find some solace in the memories of the years that you were blessed with her company. The world was a richer place for having her in it.

I hope that her passing is peaceful and pain free.

My thoughts are with you at this most difficult time.


26-01-10, 16:14
I have just caught on to this thread. I am so so sorry. I have only just started using this site regularly again but when I did before, Kazzie gave so much support, comfort and laughs.
I am thinking of you Kazzie and pray you do not suffer badly from this terrible illness. I think too of your family and friends.


26-01-10, 17:01
Dear Dear Kazzie ,

My heart and thoughts are with you and your family. You gave so much help and support to many. Our chats and laughter have left me with so many fond memories of you. I truly am heartbroken to read of your illness and saddened by the unfrairness of it all. I pray that your passing is painfree and peacefull, god knows you deserve that. I know that you probably wont read these messages but I pray that Roger see's them and they offer some comfort during his time of grief. Knowing that you touched so many peoples hearts will leave your family and friends with a deep sense of pride and honour , you truly are a inspiration my darling. I wish there more I could say or do but remember this - always a angel and always a friend.....

love and hugs

Michelle xxxxxxxxxxx

26-01-10, 17:28
To a wonderful lady,

I am so so sorry to hear this. Words fail me... I just don't know what to say. This is heartbreaking to hear :weep:

Kazzie, you are very much loved by all of your friends and family. A very special lady.

My thoughts are with you, Kazzie. And with your family and friends at this sad sad time.

All my love, sweetheart :hugs:



26-01-10, 19:20
I feel the same as everyone...gutted to learn about poor lovely kazzie.
I dont know what to say really, but i pray kazzie that you know how much everyone loves and cares about you...your a good and kind person who doesnt deserve to suffer like this.
My thoughts are with you and your family
God bless you and take away your pain xxx

26-01-10, 20:18
I havent been aound for sometime , but I have heard about you Kazz thru the grapevine and Im so sorry to hear what you are going thru , my thoughts and prayers our w/you and your fam, thanks for always being there you are an angel, as everyone has said wish there was something I could do for you,I will be thinking of you hun ....xxxxx

26-01-10, 20:28
my thoughts are with u
with love
sandra xxxxxxx

26-01-10, 20:55
such very sad news, prayers and love to kazzie and her family and everyone here xxx

26-01-10, 20:56
I am so very very sorry to hear this terrible news. Kazzie has been such a great help to so many people. She has always been there for others despite her own problems.
I will pray for a painless end for Kazzie and for strength for Roger and all her family and friends to cope with the coming days, weeks and months ahead.
God bless you all.

pink daisy
26-01-10, 20:58
I would just like to say.. Kazz is still with us, and a miracle could still happen :-)
I think we should stay with positive posting and send our love etc xx

26-01-10, 21:06

Yes she is still with us hun. people are just adding their love, support and best wishes for Kazz and Roger! We all hope that miracle will happen.
She is in all our thoughts and prayers as we are all hoping for her to recover.

Love Lisa

26-01-10, 21:08
Very saddened to read this news about one of our own. NMP is such a loving community of which I am a very new member. Nonetheless, I am deeply touched by this news and send heartfelt wished to Kazzie and Roger at this deeply personal time.


26-01-10, 21:13
What a lovely lady Kazzie must be. I haven't been around long enough to have the honor of knowing her; however, seeing all the love and care you are all displaying for her, she must truly be a treasure.

I will pray for her, her family and all of you lovely posters who are going through this terrible time.

26-01-10, 21:29
Very saddened to read this about Kazzie my thoughts go out to her and also roger and her family.
I will say a pray for her we can only hope that miracles do happen.
She was one lovely lady to talk to always laughing and would always help you.

Love Joanxxxx

26-01-10, 22:58
I didn't know Kazzie really but my heart goes out to her and her family. I prey for them all. xxxx

26-01-10, 23:17
I have just seen the message here and Im speechless.

Kazzie was one of the first people to speak to me here on nmp in 2006,I also met up with her and Roger at one of the meet up's in Gosport.She was always there for me,missing you kazz.

Thinking of you all at this very sad time:hugs:xxxxxxxxxx

27-01-10, 00:17
I am deepy saddened to hear this terrible news on Kaz, Its been a long time since i really used NMP regularly but when i was going through my worst times this fantastic lady was there to spur me through!

life is unfair!!

i will be hoping & praying for a miracle with the rest of you

My heartfelt love goes out to kaz & roger xxx

27-01-10, 06:46
I send all my love to Kazzie,and Family thinking of you all
Love Rhonda xxx:hugs:

27-01-10, 14:27
Tetley (Bev) is unable to get on NMP at the moment but has asked me to pass on her love and respect to Kazz and Roger. xxx

27-01-10, 15:08
I am a very new member here, but the outpouring of true human love from this community has made me shed a tear. I have never 'met' Kazzie, I've only read the recent messages about her ill health, but there is no doubt how deeply she has touched so many people and will always live in your hearts.Sending my best wishes to Kazzie and her family, and to all those who feel shocked by this terrible news.

27-01-10, 16:29
Oh my goodness, i'm gobsmacked...can't quite believe it ! I'm quite a new member but kazzie was great when i first joined, so lovely and easy to chat to. My thoughts are with her family at this terrible time xxx

27-01-10, 18:03
thinking of Kazzie and her family, thoughts and prayers are with you Kazzie.
Ann xxx

27-01-10, 21:00
Just heard about this dreadful news and wanted to logon to offer my deepest love at through these difficult and trying times. Kaz was always so encouraging about my photography and it's been a pleasure to know her.

My thoughts go to Kaz and her family,

Mike x

27-01-10, 21:09
This is truly tragic. We are all one big NMP family and this is horrible.

My thoughts and prayers are with Kazzie and her family- much love and all my prayers.


anx mum
27-01-10, 22:07
So sorry 2 hear the news about kazzie although i never spoke 2 her she soundes a lovely, caring lady. My thoughts r with u kazza and ur family. xxx

27-01-10, 23:01
Like many of the old gang I too haven't been on the site in a while and have only just heard about Kazzie being poorly.

I hope both Kazzie and Roger can feel the loving support in all these heartfelt posts and it wraps around them like one massive big hug of hope.

Praying for you to pull through Kazzie.

Love Piglet :flowers:

28-01-10, 00:39
Still praying for Kaz for a miracle healing.


pink daisy
28-01-10, 00:40
this is a message from Julie45. kazzie she sends her love to kazz and her family
she said that you helped her lots through her being a member here kazz and she is doing really well now and she is really proud of you :)

Love Julie xxx

28-01-10, 08:04
This is very sad indeed!!!!
I never got to know Kazzie but from all the replies to this thread she must be a very special person!!!!
God bless :hugs: xxxxxxx

28-01-10, 08:05
Hello i did not know kazzie to well, but from all the comments she sounds a wonderful woman. The amount of people she helped and bought so much happiness to. I pray she pulls through this and with all our positive thoughts she may be a little miracle.

pink daisy
28-01-10, 09:15
Hiya .. Kazzie and family

here is a message from dying swan (mary) she used to be a member here too.
she really hopes a mirace could happen and she wants to tell you that you are a special person and you helped her lots on nmp..

Veronica H
28-01-10, 09:45
:bighug1::bighug1:Thinking of Kaz, Roger and family and all of Kazzie's friends here at this dreadful time. What a special lady Kaz is, and what a positive difference she has made to so many.


28-01-10, 16:40
I couldnt read this and not reply, it really is breaking my heart :weep: i havn't spoken to Kazzie directly but her posts are so heartfelt and warm and positive and its easy to see why she has become so close to so many of you, theres nothing i can say to make things better but i will be thinking of all her friends and family at this time, and i dont think anyone will forget the amazing and caring person she was, this is just to sad.....:(

28-01-10, 17:47
Thinking of you Kazzie :weep:


28-01-10, 21:26
such sad sad news :( thinking of kaz and her family xx

28-01-10, 22:22

Maddie, an ex-member of NMP was also upset to hear the news and has asked that her love and thoughts be added to this thread, both for Kazz and for Roger and the family.

28-01-10, 22:36
Its so very sad to hear this is happening to such a lovely, caring and kind person.
Kazzie is in my thoughts and i will pray for her and her family.
Thinking of you all xx
Luv Tracie xxx

28-01-10, 22:57
Oh goodness, reading all these posts just brings a tear to my eyes. Sending good and positive thoughts to Kazzie and her family. What a great lady she is.

Also how amazing is the NMP family, they sure know how to rally during the tough times. I'm so glad to be a part of this family.

Natalie x

29-01-10, 00:57

Still praying for healing for Kazzie.

29-01-10, 01:57
Sadly - cancer takes no prisoners - neither does it respect age or gender; ppl will obviously miss their friend, but who amongst us has not been touched by the presencee of this illness? I'll wager not many! As chair of a Cancer Support Group I wish Roger and Kazzie a treasure trove of lasting memories... when I lost my parents, then my sister and then my brother in law, all to cancer I thought long and hard; then I lost a dear wife to the illness and never will I forget that short goodbye; promised three months and we had but three weeks left together. In the here and now, my ex-partner is a survivor having lost both breasts to the illness; only two dys before Xmas was I told I was clear of cancer of the bowel. Just be of the knowledge that when the curtain falls one side of life, a whole new production begins on the other side; that is when ppl know that Angels do exist and do not have to possess wings - it sounds very much as if Kazzie is an Angel in waiting to find the light of her being... Life goes on Roger, have no doubt about that and the hardest place is here without the one who has been our guiding light... 'Weep not for me at the time of passing... I was not there but had gone before, just as others had gone previousuly to prepare a place for me; look for me in the rain and in the rainbow that adorns the sky when the sun is about to shine, for that is what I will remember most about this life.... the colour of every living thing is imprinted on my mind, as I know I'll fall asleep at the ending of my last day and with the parting my lasting memory will be the face I knew and loved, smiling and laughing together with me as we faced the inevitable truth of parting.' Anon quote by a Cancer patient and one who succumbed to the illness himself..... Just an honest bloke he was and never could one have wished for more in a friend! I never knew his name and he never signed the letter; I think he kinda wanted it that way...... Mystically yours :hugs:Stu_uk

29-01-10, 08:30
I haven't been here for a long long time, but heard about Kazzie and had to air my feelings here. She was always ready to help and had the pleasure of meeting her at a NMP meet at Bosham back in 2007. This meet was initiated by Kazzie and she was prepared to help me (and others) out with a lift - I had never met her before.

This is such a tragedy and just emphasises life is a lottery..

Hugs to Kazzie, Roger and the family.

29-01-10, 10:45
The inevitable news I'm afraid.

Kazzie slipped away last night. She wasn't in any pain. It was a peaceful release.

Roger, Kazzie's husband, is aware of the enormous outpouring of affection here. Both he and Richard, Kazzie's son, appear to be bearing up well. As well as any one might expect, given the fact that they've been grieving all week. Even though the end was still a shock. Quite obviously. I'm afraid there's nothing more to add at the moment. We only spoke briefly but, and I use the following expression in its relative context, he does sounds OK.

Roger will let us know of future arrangements in due course.

29-01-10, 10:47
Im deverstated. I dnt know what to say.

ive just spoke nto roger and he knows i iwll send this up to him next week.

She will alwasy be my angel


29-01-10, 10:49
I am SO SO dreadfully sorry, for everyone.

A beautiful post Mystical, with some incredibly touching words.

Peace and love to Kazzie and her family.

29-01-10, 10:50
How very sad. Kazzie will be missed so much by all of us here. My thoughts are with Roger, Richard and all of Kazzie's family and friends.

29-01-10, 10:52
Kazzie, you were so strong right up to the end hunny , go now , be at peace and in no more pain , we all love you ,

My Deepest Sympathies to Roger and Kazzies Family xxxxxxxxx

29-01-10, 10:53
Thank you for letting us know gary, we realise how hard that must have been.

God bless and sleep well kazzie, you will be truly missed, my thoughts to roger and kazzies family.

29-01-10, 10:59

Love Piglet xx

29-01-10, 11:03
Kazzie will be truly missed by not just me, but by everyone here. She was always so strong and put her own troubles to one side if there was anyone in distress and needing help. She picked me up many a time with her humour and sharp wit - we have lost a treasure.

My thoughts will be with Roger, Richard and all her family and friends.

Sleep well sweetheart.

29-01-10, 11:08
Rest in Peace Kazzie - I know you will be a beautiful angel


pink daisy
29-01-10, 11:30
Im so glad your not suffering anyomore kazz.. I do wish somthing could of been done without you leaving us :-(

Im so sorry rodger and kazzies family that you had to loose kazzie and to see her through a lot of pain for quite along time. Life really isnt fair sometimes :_(

I did get to meet kazz a few times and she was a very caring person and such a laugh. my kids absolutly loved her to bits. they met her at her firework party and gave them lots of sweets :-)

I know this subject is a touchy one.. but kazzie used to come on chat and joke about her work she did work in a funeral directors, and I used to get upset about it as I am scared of death etc, but kazz used to say she is not scared of death. as she can see it can be peacefull for the person, so I know kazz would not of been scared at the end :-) that thought makes me feel alot better!

one thing she used to joke about is that she worked in the right place if anything happend to her and they would sort things out if she ever kicked the bucket. thease were her actuall words..

Kazz will want us to still joke on she wouldnt want us to be upset and be morbid over her death. she would want us to joke about things bless her.

and proberly to get blood rat arsed lol

kazz id like to say i love you bits, I wont be coming to your last party hunni.. as I am not brave enough to go :-( but we all will give u a bloody good send of and you will always be in our hearts hun..

see you again one day Kazz



29-01-10, 11:33
Such very, very sad news, Thoughts go out to all kazzies family and friends.

Carol xx

29-01-10, 11:36
God Bless you Kazzie x Our loss is Heavens gain ..My heartfelt sympathy is sent to Roger ,Richard and all your family and friends .You will always have a special place in our hearts .Be at peace my love ..:hugs:

Silent tear.

Each night we shed a silent tear.
As we spk to you in prayer.
To let you know we love you.
And just how much we care .
Take our million teardrops.
Wrap them up in love .
Then ask the wind to carry them .
To you in heaven above .

Love Sue xxxx:bighug1:

29-01-10, 11:42
Thoughts are with everyone involved in Kazzie's life...
Such sad news..


29-01-10, 11:43
So sad :( Kazzie was a very special person and helped a lot of us with our problems and she will never be forgotten!

Love to Roger, Richard and of course Nikk who I know has taken this hard...I am there for you hun if you need me xxxxxxx

Pink Princess
29-01-10, 11:44
god saw you getting tired , and a cure was not to be. so he put his arms around you and whispered come home to me.

sweet dreams kaz kaz , love you xxxx

29-01-10, 11:54
Another Angel to watch over us

such sad news but a peaceful release from all the pain for Kazzie

My thoughts go out to Roger and the rest of her family :weep:

much love

Trac xxxx

29-01-10, 11:54
devestated to hear this news this morning, may you rest in peace Kazzie, love and sympathy to Rodger and your family,

heaven has a new angel today


29-01-10, 11:55
My thoughts are with you all and Kazzie's family at this sad time.:weep:

Group hug.

Rest In Peace Kazzie, my Chatroom buddy.


29-01-10, 11:57
Deepest sympathies to Kazzie's Family, she will be missed by so many, but at least we all have fond memories we can all keep.

Angel Blessings
Dean xxxx

29-01-10, 11:59

God bless Kazzie and her family, it was a pleasure to have met such a wonderful lady and i will never forget her lovely smiling face and the support she gave me.:flowers:


29-01-10, 12:02
rest in peace kazzie, and my thoughts to all the family, she will be sadly missed


Going home
29-01-10, 12:06
Come back and tell us what heaven is like Kazzie ok? :noangel: Sleep peacefully, God bless.

Anna xxx

29-01-10, 12:12
sleep well, my sweet friend.
i love you lots kaz and will miss you even more.
atleast you're no longer in pain and i know you will watch over each and every one of us.

" don't stand beside my grave and weep
for i'm not there, i do not sleep
i am a thousand winds that blow
i am the diamonds glint on snow
i am the sunlight on ripened grain
i am the gentle autumns rain
when you awaken in mornings hush
i am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circle flight
i am soft stars that shine at night
dont stand beside my grave and cry
i am not there. i did not die"

29-01-10, 12:28
Such sad sad news :weep:

Such a kind and wonderful lady, I can honestly say that I wouldn't have been where I am now if it wasn't for you, and I'm sure many more of us can say the same. Thank you for blessing our lives Kazzie, you will be missed greatly.

My love and thoughts go to her family and friends at this sad time.

29-01-10, 12:32
rest in peace kazzie

29-01-10, 12:37
So sad, my thoughts and sympathies with family and friends which she had many of

29-01-10, 12:39
To Roger and family. All Kazzie's friends at home and here on No more panic.

Kazz was always a live wire, she made people laugh so much with her witt and fun personality. She always made me laugh out loud with her antics.

We spoke many times about 'Loch Lomond', somewhere very dear to Kazzies heart and somewhere i have been many times in the past. So dear Kazz, you take the high road, we will take the low road, you may have got there before us but darn tooting we will all meet again one day.

With all my love, respect and fond memories


29-01-10, 12:46
God Bless Kazzie and God Bless Kazzies family and friends xx
With love Tracie x

29-01-10, 12:59
With all my love from me and the children Kaz,will miss you loads in chat,it just wont be the same.Rest in peace hun .
Ali xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

29-01-10, 13:07
Will miss a good friend.


29-01-10, 13:18
We have lost one of our own. :weep:

Goodnight and God Bless hun.


29-01-10, 13:32
rest in peace we all need to say thank you to god for the time we had with you

29-01-10, 13:34
God bless dear Kazzie may you now have found peace from your sufferring.

My thoughts are with your family and friends for they have lost a very special person but memories of you will always live on.

Carol x

29-01-10, 13:35
Rest in peace Kazzie, thoughts are with your family and friends xx

29-01-10, 13:37
Goodnight God bless Kazzie. Our loss is heavens gain. My sincere condolences to Kazzies family. I hope the huge show of love, respect and affection for Kazzie will bring you some comfort at this very painful time for you.

29-01-10, 13:39
My thoughts are with Roger and the family.Rest in peace Kazzie.You were always there for me right from when I first came here 3 years ago and you will be deeply missed.Love Ellen Richard Buddy and Ollie.xxxxxxxxxx:weep:

29-01-10, 13:54
God Bless Kazzie. Rest in peace. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to Roger, Richard and all her family and friends. I'm sure you all have wonderful memories of kazzie and I hope you can find some comfort from them.

29-01-10, 14:03
Rest in peace Kazz - thoughts and love to Roger, Richard and to all Kazzie's family and friends.

Lex xxxxx

29-01-10, 14:07
Such sad news. :weep:

"To Live in Hearts, We Leave Behind, Is Not to Die" (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ladyreborn99/4147869965/)

May you rest now in peace, Kazzie, free from all suffering.
My deepest sympathies to Kazzie's husband, Roger, and all their family and friends, including Nikk and Gary too - Thank You to both for keeping us all updated - It cannot have been easy for you.

29-01-10, 14:20
http://images.google.co.uk/url?source=imgres&ct=img&q=http://www.planetgiftbaskets.com/v/vspfiles/photos/CLSC-1.jpg&usg=AFQjCNGPQWGBgPfWZNqB-LCBPnmi-SJ_NA so sad ,,, you will be missed by all your frieds on here xxx

29-01-10, 14:20

29-01-10, 14:31
rest in peace kaz. you were a lovely lady.
love debera
x x x x

29-01-10, 14:46
So sad you had to leave us Kazzie. You are free from your pain and suffering now, you certainly have earned your angel wings xx

My thoughts, prayers and sympathies go to Roger, Richard and everybody who has been touched by this tragic loss xx

29-01-10, 15:01
My sympathy and condolences to all of Kazzie's friends and family. I did not know her but she always sent loads of hugs and love to anyone that needed it...

May you rest in peace Kazzie.

29-01-10, 15:08
Such sad sad news :weep:,
My heartfelt condolences to kazzies family and all her friends

Kazzie you were an inspiration to many, you will never be forgotten xxxx

29-01-10, 15:46
rest in peace now kazzie, you will be greatly missed.
my thoughts and prayers with roger and kazzies family. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

29-01-10, 16:25
Rest in peace Kazzie! so so sad xxx

Granny Primark
29-01-10, 16:52
I am truly greatful for having such a wonderful person in my life. My big regret is not meeting up with kazzie.
Roger and family my heart goes out to you.
I really cant believe it yet.
She was caring, loving and extremely funny.

Kazzie you were so loving, so caring, so giving,so very special.
I thank God I had you as a friend.

Good night God bless mate. xxx
:flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flow ers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers:: flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowe rs:

29-01-10, 16:54
sleep in peace kazzie
love sandra
:flowers: xxxxx

29-01-10, 17:24
not been around for a while and literally just heard. utterly dumbfounded to say the least, i had no idea that any of this was happening recently.

i will miss her greatly, and hope that the family can be granted the strength to pull through this tragedy.

god bless,


29-01-10, 18:37
really sad and upsetting news :( xxxxxxx

29-01-10, 18:57
so so sad to hear about Kazzie. I wasnt aware that she was so ill as i have'nt been on the forum for a while
kazzie you will be greatly missed, you was a lovely lady
May you forever rest in peace
God bless you.

My love and prayers to all her family and friends.

29-01-10, 19:16
Dear kazzie just a few words about u and me sorry i never got to say goodbye me old mateone day we will cross paths in the afterlife mary queen of ireland pray for her she one of the best miss u lots sleep in peace with the angels my dear friend
to her her family sincere condolences from us all in scotland rip

joseph o kane alias the missssssssssssssssssssssssss

29-01-10, 19:20
Rest in peace so so sad!My condolences to family and friends.:-(xx

29-01-10, 19:21
How sad...my thoughts are with her family x

29-01-10, 19:28
Rest in peace now mate. You were in so much pain for so long and now you are free from that and can keep an eye on us all from above. I bet you will even find a chat room up there to moderate too. :flowers:

My deepest sympathy to Roger and the family. You had a great gal there Rog.


29-01-10, 19:30

May you rest in peace


29-01-10, 20:06
Very very sad news - my sincerest condolensces to the family. No more suffering and peace in heaven for dear Kazzie. xxxxxxxxxxxx

29-01-10, 20:08
Oh my goodness! I just came to check how Kazzie was doing and I heard this sad news. :weep:

Kazzie was a lovely lady who touched the lives of many. I wasn't a close friend of hers, but I have chatted to her many times in the chat room and we've replied to each others posts. She was particularly kind to me when my dog died and gave me support when I needed it.

Life can be so cruel. At least she is at peace now and is no longer suffering.

My heart goes out to all her family and friends at this sad time. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace Kazzie. :flowers:

Love and hugs from shoegal xxx

29-01-10, 20:09
I have just heard the sad, sad news.

Rest in peace Kazzie

You are with the angels now xxx

29-01-10, 20:12
Rest in peace Kaz, up with the other angels hun.
My condolenses to the family. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

29-01-10, 20:33
I am so sorry Kazzie that my prayers couldn't save you.
Rest in peace dear lady.
My sincerest condolences to Kazzies family at this very sad time.


29-01-10, 20:54
I didn't know Kazzie but was aware of her presence here and am touched by all of the love expressed for her.
My condolences to her loved ones, she will clearly be greatly missed by all who knew her

anx mum
29-01-10, 21:12
I never knew kazzie but knew she was dearly loved by all on no panic, helped and touched so many peoples lives. My condolences to all her family. Bev xxx

29-01-10, 21:17
For the first time in my life I don't know what to say.
Rest in peace kazzie

29-01-10, 21:20
just wanted to send my love to the family x

such sad news

Rest in peace kazzie

jodie x

29-01-10, 21:27
Such sad news ...
deepest sympathy to Kazzs family ...
rest in peace beaut u were an angel on earth now u r with the angels up there xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

29-01-10, 22:26
I don't know what to say- I'm still in shock! You will be greatly missed- and my thoughts go out to Roger and family

29-01-10, 23:21
A message from Maddie, ex member of NMP.

She is saddened to hear the news of Kazz's passing and sends condolences to Roger and the family.

30-01-10, 00:05
Sometimes you instinctively know very quickly when someone is a special soul... I didnt know Kaz too well but on the times I did chat with her I felt she was most definately a special soul....

I wish her family lots of strength at this sad time and may a lifetime of memories comfort them.

mand x

30-01-10, 00:14
:weep: Just wanted to send my sincere condolences to Kazzie's family and friends. She touched a lot of people's lives and made the world a better place. She will be missed deeply by a great many people.

Rest In Peace Kazzie


30-01-10, 00:18
Rest in peace Kazzie

my heart goes out to her family xxx

30-01-10, 00:23
my thoughts are with you rog and family...
kaz was one special lady and im grateful i had the chance to know her...
we are all devastated by the news...
sending all our love to you

30-01-10, 08:40
Absolutely devestated at the recent news.

I will greatly miss you, Kazzie, you were a brilliant woman, always so selfless.

Thank you for helping me and many others through tough times, and thank you for making us all smile, you always found a way to brighten up everything :)

I'll continue to be inspired by your strength and your love and care for others.

Rest in piece.

Chrissy xxxxx

30-01-10, 11:28
Have only just tuned in to this. I can't believe she's gone and that I didn't even realise she was ill. She was one of the most welcoming people on this website when I and many others joined. My thoughts and prayers to her family. May she rest in peace.

30-01-10, 13:43
rip kazzie ,and my sympathy to roger and the family, thank you kazzie for making me laugh , you will be very sadly missed by us all on nmp

30-01-10, 16:18
Goodbye Kazzie.

May we remember to always comfort and help each other and to laugh with each other to honour your memory. Thank you for all the time and energy you gave to everyone here.

God bless ya K

love Pooh xxxx

30-01-10, 16:34
So sorry to hear the sad news, my condolences to Roger and the family.

Rest in peace Kazzie.

Love Goodlife

30-01-10, 18:13
So sorry to hear the sad news, Kazzie was loved by so many and helped so many, she made so many people laugh too, my thoughts are with Kazzie's family and close friends, R.I.P Kazzie and NMP will not be the same without you. xxx

30-01-10, 18:30
All my love to Kazzie's family... i'm in absolute shock!
x x x

30-01-10, 18:30
Dear All.

Ive spoken to Roger and HE wanted me to Say thank you to everyone. I will be sending this to him. He feels he cant go on the comp at the moment as its Kazzie But in time he will manage it.

Roger also said thank you for the cards, calls and texts. He is feeling abit better but very empty and numb today and hasnt been in tears. Richard is very depressed at the moment too.

I did notice he was abit ifee on doing anything, as he kept saying he wasnt sure if Kaz would like this or not. But I have told him where we are if he needs anything.

He doesnt know when arrangements will be made. But will let us know.

Nikk xxxxxxx

Pink Princess
30-01-10, 19:02
Dark Angel who was a member on here also sends her condolences. xx

30-01-10, 19:13
I'm really sad to hear this. My thoughts are with Roger and all of Kazzie's family and friends. May you know peace and joy Kazzie, God Bless.

Mike x

30-01-10, 19:14
I'm really sorry to be adding my thoughts so late to this, but I haven't really been around this week.

I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear this news.

I think I was lucky enough to speak to Kazzie once or twice in the chat room, but cannot say I knew her well. However, she was a kind and caring woman who was extremely supportive to me as a new member.

My deepest sympathies and thoughts go out to her family and friends, both at home and here at NMP. I simply cannot find words to express how I feel.

Lima xx

30-01-10, 22:59
I just found out today. My thoughts go out to Kazzies family and friends. I only knew kazz briefly but she seemed a very pleasant character. I have been away from NMP for some time so was unaware of the illness developing. From what I read she seems to have battled very bravely and it is a sad loss. Kazz xxx

02-02-10, 12:50
I have not been on NMP for a while ..i am reeling at this news .Kazzie was always the most ardent listener and had such good advice to give..i owe her a debt of gratitude that i can not now repay.Dear Lovely Kazzie..thank you for all you did all the advice and the laughter.I send my love and prayers to Roger and everyone here on NMP that are so touched by your loss.IN THE ARMS OF THE ANGELS NOW..God bless and rest .Love Paddie.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

02-02-10, 20:59
Just spoken to Roger. The funeral will be next week. But Will know for def tomorrow and all the details.

He is coping the best he can at the moment. Very drained from the paperwork and doing what needs to be done.

Nikk xxx

02-02-10, 23:19
Thanks Nikk for keeping us posted.
Is anyone going from nmp?:weep:

02-02-10, 23:33
Not sure yet Ellen - we don't want to go unless Rog would like us to so we are waiting to hear.

03-02-10, 05:27
Just spoken to Roger. The funeral will be next week. But Will know for def tomorrow and all the details.

He is coping the best he can at the moment. Very drained from the paperwork and doing what needs to be done.

Nikk xxx

Thanks Nikk,

Had to deal with a sudden death in the disabled complex where I live, on Sunday; daughter of one of the ladies with dementia, only 37 and a staff nurse at the same hospital where she expired; just got a good job at a newly opened pvt hopsital closer to her home. Her hubby is going thru the same roller coaster of emotion and paperwork. He got two young ones to bring up alone now!

Tell Roger he is far from alone at this difficult time,,,, Stu (:

03-02-10, 09:17
Hi Ellen.

Roger has said anyone from here can go. it was Kazzies wishes for anyone on NMP to go.

Im going and also Helen is and Blue sparkle and Gary at the moment.

Nikk xxx

pink daisy
03-02-10, 10:46
I maybe going depends on the time.. Rodger would like any of us there hun.. no need to keep asking him ok :-) all is welcome on nmp xxxx

03-02-10, 12:08
I probably won't attend the funeral but will see nearer the time,but my thought's will be with Roger and the family xxxxxxxxx:hugs:

04-02-10, 13:02
Dear All.

Roger has phoned this morning... The arrangements are



(Im waiting on the address to come through for this)




Nikk xxx

04-02-10, 14:02
Pink....What a fabulous idea!! Good on our Kazz :flowers: xxx

04-02-10, 15:23
thanks for letting us know, nikk
i will be there.
just have to try to find something pink....

twigs xx

Granny Primark
04-02-10, 17:05
I would love to go but sadly its too far for me to travel on my own cus my hubby is working.
But I will wear a pink T.shirt that I wore for breast cancer " race for life" on the day of my nmp friend kazzies funeral.

04-02-10, 17:17
Do we send through NMP the money for whatever charity or charities, Kazzie's husband, Roger, would like the money to be donated to?

04-02-10, 17:31
I spoke to Roger about this but he hasnt decided on anything like charities at the moment.

If you want to send a donation to Nic on here. then it can be sent later on when Roger decides.

When I hear more I will let you know. x

Nikk xxx