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27-01-10, 12:16
Oh dear. I don't want to do this I really don't. I am so frightened of anti-depressants.
I started Prozac (20mg) last August after 3 years of being meds free (apart from 1 sleeping pill). I have a long history of debilitating depression and anxiety and had been on meds for about 18 years. I was very disappointed to have to re-start something last August, but after about 10 days on it felt a very gentle lift in my spirits which allowed me to function to some extent again....

But now..... the old things are coming back.

Not wanting to get up, dreading some 'unknown' terror and always being on permanent standby for something??

My 20mg had enabled me to start back with my painting again, but gradually I see this 'stopping' in my brain.
The dr and the lady I eventually saw yesterday for CBT ( 3 year wait:mad: !!) want me to increase to 40mg. I'm unsure what to do.

How do I not know that it's just my brain that has been addled by tabs and has just peaked on Prozac? Would doubling the dose really help?

Very, very scared and unsure of my future.
Thanks for any responses.

andrea thompson
27-01-10, 12:28
hiya catya

i was on seroxat for about 10 years... i reduced it slowly last year and came off it completley everything was ok.... then in sept last year i had a miscarraige and slumped back into depression.... and panic and anxiety.... i went back on meds... citalopram this time and i am feeling better... getting lots of exercise and rest... i too have had blips but nothing major...

i am so pleased that the meds have worked for me... do not be afraid of them... they have got you through before and will do again.... my cousin is a pharmacist and has explained to me how the tablets work and it makes more sense to me now... maybe this would help you.... have a chat to a someone in the know...

take care hon..

hope you feeling better soon.

andrea x x

27-01-10, 14:19
Hello Catya

Haven't seen you on the forum for a while and assumed you must have got better. Sorry to hear that things have gone downhill again, but it's the nature of depression. Not sure what you mean by the tabs 'addling' your brain but sometimes we can become more tolerant to their effects if that's what you mean and an increase could help. You could then reduce back to 20mg once you're more stable and feel better.

There's certainly nothing to be afraid of. You may get a few minor side effects but nothing like when you first started (I remember the problems you had!). You could always ask for the liquid Prozac if you want to increase more slowly but doubling the Prozac dose is pretty standard.

Hope you feel better soon.

27-01-10, 14:23
Hi Catya,

I went up from 20mg to 40mg about six weeks ago and have definitely seen an improvement. I'd definitely say it's worth a shot.

Like Melancholia says, the side effects from increasing were, for me, minimal. I did a week on 30mg and felt confident enough to make the further step up after that.

27-01-10, 16:25
Thank you for the responses, I appreciate your thoughts.
I feel like I'm in a dark hole....
Yes, I too was on Seroxat for about 12 years and all was reasonably ok until it ceased to work, and then I found myself in a real mess and about 4 stone over weight.

I see my dr next Tues so will see.
Again, my thanks.

27-02-10, 02:25
When I doubled the Prozac dose from 20mg to 40mg it didnt make much difference at all.

27-02-10, 11:21
Well things not gone to plan anyway.
I did double my dose and stuck it for about 8 days when I started hallucinating. Absolutely terrified so dropped down to 20mg. Saw my dr last Mon with the view of coming off Prozac by tapering with the liquid form...but NO....he said it was too expensive!!
Nice to know my worth (or lack of it....)
I have been told to take one on alternate days, which I started at the beginning of this week but everything has gone to pot now as I started with this dreaded Norovirus in the early hours of Wed morning so I guess no tablets are stopping anywhere.
Feel very (physically) ill and very (mentally) frustrated.... so just a cuddle will do please.

27-02-10, 11:46
:hugs: Catya, sorry you're ill, sorry Prozac didn't suit you and, as someone who's had the liquid, sorry about the terrible attitude of your doc.

Hope you feel better soon.

27-02-10, 12:49
Oh Jane thank you. I feel so low... this virus is just draining me.
I guess also that it's messed the level of Prozac in me so will have put me in some w/d.
Yes, my daughter (London area) was allowed the liquid form and from my experience with Seroxat tapering know that it is ideally better for the brain to keep a consistent level..not 1 day on..1 day off, even though Prozac does have a longer half life.
Bless you, thank you.

27-02-10, 21:12
Hi Catya,

Sorry to hear that you are struggling with the increased dose of Prozac, and having the dreaded virus is no comfort.