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magpie girl
29-01-10, 13:33
There has been a loss
to the NMP site
Our beloved Kazzie
has lost her fight
She gave us advice
or just lent an ear
Listening to problems
taking away fear
Helping with anxiety
making us smile
Forgetting the panic
if just for a while
Friend to us all
both old and new
Caring for people
like me and you
Sleep well my friend
untill we meet again
There will be no more panic
and no more pain

29-01-10, 13:41
~So sad,R I P Kazzie.:hugs:~

29-01-10, 13:45
Bless you Mags, that made me cry.
Such lovely words.

Goodnight our sweet Kazz
There with be another bright star in the sky tonight shining down on us all.


29-01-10, 13:47
That is a lovely verse.

Goodnight and Godbless you will missed so much Kazz.xxxxxxxx:weep:

29-01-10, 14:19
you were like a bright light in our lifes on no more panic ,you were so kind and giving of yourself ,you will be missed by everyone rest in peace yhttp://images.google.co.uk/url?source=imgres&ct=img&q=http://www.planetgiftbaskets.com/v/vspfiles/photos/CLSC-1.jpg&usg=AFQjCNGPQWGBgPfWZNqB-LCBPnmi-SJ_NAour pain is over now ,,

Going home
29-01-10, 14:58
God bless Kazzie, sleep in peace. Come back from time to time and tell us what heaven is like :noangel:

Many condolences to the family xxx

29-01-10, 15:08
Rest sweet angel. X

29-01-10, 15:11
This news is so sad, but i know that Kazzie is at Peace.

Goodnight Kazzie, sweet dreams! xxx:weep:

29-01-10, 15:11

you will be the brighest star as we look to the sky tonight.

god bless


29-01-10, 15:29
That was lovely Nic :) she would love it!

You will be missed Kazzie! It was a privilege to know you!


29-01-10, 15:36
God bless you Kazzie xxx

29-01-10, 16:07
Your life in the next world is just beginning hun. Be at peace:hugs:


29-01-10, 17:26
God Bless Kazzie , rest now hunny , god needed another angel ....he chose you xxxxxx

29-01-10, 17:39
My deepest sympathy to Roger and family.

Rest in Peace dearest sweetest Kazzie.

29-01-10, 17:47
Lovely words made me cry xx
God bless you Kazzie rest in peace now hun no more pain xxxx

29-01-10, 17:50
Hi all. Just wanted to say I didn't know Kazzie but you obviously all thought a lot of her. I'm very sad you have lost a dear friend. xx

29-01-10, 17:59
fantastic words for a fantasic lady,

thanks mags xxxxxx

29-01-10, 18:00
Good Night and God Bless Kazzie
Rest In peace your suffering is over
You were such a lovely person to know and you would help anyone
Condolences to Roger and your family remember the good times.

God Bless Joanx

29-01-10, 18:07
God Bless, and Goodnight Kazzie. You will be truely missed. xxxxx

Granny Primark
29-01-10, 18:22
What brilliant tributes to a brilliant lady.
Thanks nic for setting up this site.
Its great that we have made such brill friends who support each other so much, who understand and empathise with conditions you cant understand until you suffer yourself.
If anyone understood it was our dear kazzie.

29-01-10, 18:32
So so sorry to hear such sad news. xxxx


29-01-10, 18:35

:weep: God bless you Kazzie x

29-01-10, 18:39
RIP sweetheart xxx

29-01-10, 20:41
Goodnight and God bless you Kazzie.

Rest in Peace sweet one.

29-01-10, 20:59
What a beautiful poem!

Prayers for her family and friends.
I won't cry for Kaz cuz she isn't in pain anymore and is in a better place.
I might shed a tear or two for all of us who knew her tho because the world is less without her.
She was such a wonderful person and I know that we will all remember her with love and admiration.

29-01-10, 21:31
Sleep tightly, Kazzie.

Kate xx

29-01-10, 21:35
I never got to know Kazzie, but what a wonderfully loved person. God bless xxxx

Vanilla Sky
29-01-10, 21:54
Saddened to hear this news . Rest in peace dear Kazzie xxxxxx

29-01-10, 22:12
Heaven has a new very special angle. I hope they now how lucky they are,and how heartbroken we all are. The world is a better place for knowing Kazzie.
R.I.P Kazzie
Love Dawn God Bless

29-01-10, 22:31
Lovely poem Nicola - thanks for writing that for Kazz.

She would love it.

30-01-10, 00:26
that was a lovely poem...
r.i.p. kaz...
you are a special lady

30-01-10, 01:24
Beautifull poem, I know kaz would be honoured if she could read it.

Sleep well Kaz, our loss is heavens gain. xxxx

30-01-10, 02:37
Wot a lovely poem

rest in peace kazzie

love mandie xxx

30-01-10, 04:35
I agree a lovely poem and an angel on earth and in heaven. My thoughts and prayers for her family.



30-01-10, 04:42
beautiful words mags ,
sweet dreams kazzie, may all of them be beautiful like u, na nights xx
hope ur family finds comfort in all these lovely messages xxxxx
lotsa love fae mo xxx

30-01-10, 04:55
Lovely Poem Nic,

Worded Perfectly,

No More Pain or Suffering

Peacefully Sleeping with the Angels,

Night & God Bless xxx

Luv Dee :hugs:

30-01-10, 06:39
dear kazz, i never got to know you,or even speak to you but ive heard so much on how you helped so many of us,i know you aint here but you will always live in our hearts,and you will still tell us to keep are cool and look after our selfs and be happy,sleep well,emmalouise xx

30-01-10, 07:47
such lovley words, sadly i have none, as i dont know wot to say , apart from rest in peace, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

30-01-10, 20:11
I've not been on here for a wee while and although ive not really spoken to Kazzie a lot......it was such a shock to hear that she has passed away. My thoughts are with her husband and family at this difficult time and you are all in my prayers. Sleep well Kazzie xxx

Mr Parfect
30-01-10, 20:40
RIP Kazzie

30-01-10, 20:43
what a lovely poem.
God bless Kazzie, rest in peace hun

30-01-10, 20:46
Goodnight To You Kazzie. RIP Angel xxxxxxxx Pami xxx

30-01-10, 20:58
Many people live through life not touching very fews hearts , but it is clear that kazzie touched many peoples hearts. sadness is indeed sad but a postive thing comes from sadness. It shows how much that person meant to people and over the last few weeks i have realised how much she meant to so many people on nmp. although i hadnt met kazzie i had talk to her quite a few times and the first thing that comes to mind is laughter. thanks for them few moments kazzie .

funky chick
30-01-10, 21:40
R I P Kazzie love Gail xxxxxxxx

31-01-10, 10:40
Goodnight Kazzie, Rest In Peace Hun

Paul xx

31-01-10, 13:41
I like to think that Kazzie now has no pain and she is certainly so deserving of that.

I wish Roger, her family and friends strength and compassion as they grieve.

31-01-10, 15:14
rest in peace babe, ill never forget u xxxxxxxxxx

31-01-10, 15:53
:weep: Goodnight Kazzie :weep:

Rest In Peace


31-01-10, 18:11
There has been a loss
to the NMP site
Our beloved Kazzie
has lost her fight
She gave us advice
or just lent an ear
Listening to problems
taking away fear
Helping with anxiety
making us smile
Forgetting the panic
if just for a while
Friend to us all
both old and new
Caring for people
like me and you
Sleep well my friend
untill we meet again
There will be no more panic
and no more pain

Such a beautiful poem, for such a beautiful person...

Rest In Peace, Kazzie :hugs:

You will live on in everyone's hearts...


31-01-10, 18:29
Rest in peace, dear Kazzie.
My sincere condolences to her family

31-01-10, 20:58
rip kazzie and my condolences to kazzies family

Veronica H
31-01-10, 21:11
A lovely poem Nic...thinking of Kazzie's family and friends at this sad time.


01-02-10, 05:52
That was a lovely poem Mags.

Kazzie was loved by many and will be missed by all.

Rest in peace Kazzie. Sweet dreams.

My sincerest condolences to her family and friends. :flowers: