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31-01-10, 02:03
is bruising a side effect of sertraline? i am on 100mg of sertraline, i was on 50mg for 2 weeks but have been on 100mg for 3 days, i am covered in bruises, my legs have been covered for over a week now but tonight i have been itching alot and have scratched my chest and it has come out in bruises that have fetched blood to the top of the skin, i have never bruised like this before, is it a side effect of the drug and is it normal?


01-02-10, 02:45
I wouldn't say it's a common side effect but it is listed as one. I would go to your GP Chloe because I'm on sertraline and have never had it. The itching however is more common.

I don't think it's anything very serious but I hope you sort it out.

01-02-10, 06:34
I would also suggest that you see your GP. If your medication is causing side effects your GP may want to adjust or change it. And it's worth ruling out that nothing else is causing it.