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01-02-10, 16:51
I have depression and anxiety,been on antidepressents 10 weeks now,i am off work with it,and i know i cant go back to the job i do anymore.I have had a bad 2 years health wise and this is where the depression has come from,work hasnt helped with it been so stressful.Anyway i want a new career and i have applyed for a course at college in sept,when i am feeling well i want to get a job before i go to college,if i get on the course!At the moment im not getting any statutory sick pay from work,as i only do 13 hrs a week,i used to be full time but because i was off work last year with another illness i only went back to do a few hours.I dont think im going to be able to get any benefits if i leave my job because of my health with only doing 13 hours!I still live at home with my parents but i cant rely on them to provide for me,they have already been great!

01-02-10, 20:00
You should visit your local Citizens advice beaureu (sp there ) they can talk over your options and tell u exactly what ur entitled to hun. Massive help

01-02-10, 21:47
Thanks,yeah im planning on going 2moro to find out more x

05-02-10, 10:42
Well i went to my local advice centre this week,I was told that if i leave my job because of depression i should be entilted to benefits until i find a job when im better.So i have just got to tell my doctor on mon now that im not fit to go back to that job.If i tell my doctor this should they be ok with this?

05-02-10, 10:48
Yeah Pink...mine are really good with my anxiety etc problems!! I was working full time so am getting sick pay but they have been giving me sick notes for 3 months with no pushiness!! I am exactly the same as you knowing that I cant go back to this job.....it is way too stressfull and know it wont help my situation at all and ill be right back to square one again!!
Good idea with the college, I have just started a Psychology degree for the same reason as you, i know i need a change of career. Good luck xxxxxxxx

05-02-10, 17:16
Thank u,good luck to you too xxx