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03-02-10, 08:12
Hi Anyone going for a MRI in the next few weeks please respond... I'm really nervous and anxious, I'm going to see my neurologist on Monday next week for a six month check up (had a growth removed from pituitary gland last year) so guess he will send me for an MRI to check it out after six months. OMG it is the worst but I have to go. Please any support advice if you have been recently or are going. I have been for an MRI before, thats when they discovered the pituitary growth. But it doesn't ever get easier...

Any advice / info / support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....:wacko:

03-02-10, 10:56
I just wanted to show my support and say good luck with it all, and you will be totally fine. :hugs:

Take care
Debs xx

03-02-10, 11:04
Thanks Debs, really appreciate it :-)

03-02-10, 11:43
Hi cazziebloom

The postive thing is that you know what to expect with the MRI, so keep all the things in your mind that helped you through it last time, or think of things that might make it a little easier for you this time round.
You will get through it,

let us know how you get on.

P x

Granny Primark
04-02-10, 17:52
Ive also had an MRI scan and for me it was horrible cus im such a bad claustrophobic.
I was in there for over 20mins but it seemed more like 20 hours! lol
Its scary cus you are wondering what they will find.
Luckily for me they found something that was operable.
Just go in there thinking positive.
Easier said than done I know.
While I was in there I thought about the dance show for Children in Need that I was appearing in.
Big mistake cus I was 42 at the time and that made me even more nervous!:ohmy:
Loads of good luck and let us know how you went on.

04-02-10, 18:46
I was supposed to have one 2 weeks and couldn't go through with it. It was way too claustrophobic for me to cope with.

Good luck with yours.

04-02-10, 21:15
Hi Cazziebloom, I am going for an MRI on tuesday 9th February, im getting myself in a right state, im never gonna keep still that long, just getting to the hospital is going to be a task as im agraphobic.
Good Luck
Ann x

05-02-10, 09:45
Thanks to everyone for your response...It's very nerve wracking, I think it's nerver wracking just thinking about it. And it's just getting closer and closer to the time. Hi Granny Primark, what did they find and the symptons you have etc...? Ann will think of you on Tuesday. I have been for one before (that's when they found the pituitary growth) I think a lot of it is the anticipation going. But good luck Ann for Tuesday. Tell me Ann, why you going, what are you symptons etc.?

07-02-10, 19:56
I had one the other week (I have them every 6 months). I brought a CD with me and it wasn't too bad. The noise doesn't bother me I just think it is a bit of a squeeze that's all.

07-02-10, 20:16
Hi Cazzie
Im having mri because of my constant lightheadedness and off balance feeling like im walking on a boat.
Good Luck
Ann x

08-02-10, 09:44
Thanks... Well only a couple of hours and will see ... Need to just get it over and done with...