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04-02-10, 10:44
Hello :)

I am a big fan of Etsy and the handmade jewellery, unfortunately the price tag on handmade things is very high and i thought ummm wonder if i can do that!!

I bought my equipment last week and so far im not doing too terribly! i also find creativity very theraputic!

I was interested to know if anyone else is interested in this and whether they would like to show photos of their work, i would be very interested in seeing other peoples ideas :).

Take Care xx

04-02-10, 10:54
I do ! I am lucky enough to have an 'art and craft' room in the house and I do most crafty things - glass painting, embossing, quilting (sewing in general, clothes, cushions etc.), printing, card making, beading and metal work. I spent a good number of years attending craft classes and so have the resources here to have a go at most things. Making things is excellent for mental well being, firstly of course it takes your mind off yourself and focuses on something else and secondly it gives you such pride in your achievements. I'm really glad you are enjoying jewellery making...but watch out you can end up spending a small fortune on findings and beads. I'll see if I can find any photos....

04-02-10, 11:25
These are from a long time ago, in the days when I took pictures.....

I go through phases of different crafts...and am always working on 'something'....

04-02-10, 11:49
Omgg they are sooooo good!!!

Me and my friend on here Rach have said that we are going to start making jewellery Meg..what did you buy to get started and where from?? x

04-02-10, 12:04
Wow Carys they are fantastic :yesyes: well done and keep up the good work!! you are very talented :D!! i would love to learn how to make blankets etc its so much fun isnt it!!

Just A Girl i was firstly inspired by these http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38986009 and though hmmm i bet i can make that!! so looked up tutorials on how to make fabric rosettes and i cant believe how easy it is!!!! i made 10 on my first go lol i bought myself some feathers, charms, pearls from ebay which was actually really cheap!! and got some meter length fabric from Boyes, a glue gun, some ribbon, felt all for under 20. There are also some good tutorials on how to make fabric roses, they are so pretty and easy!! you can buy like 10 wire necklaces with clasps so cheaply on ebay aswell!! Im looking forward to making something thats unique to me!!:yesyes: xx

You can also make bracelets using rosettes and add charms and use lace, you can get the clasps etc from ebay.


04-02-10, 12:10
Ooo yeah it looks really good :D let us see the finished product :) Yeah I have been looking on ebay but its just deciding what I want to do first haha x

04-02-10, 12:44
:yesyes: really good stuff you have made

i make bag/phone charms

04-02-10, 13:02
ooo great Moomintroll!! do you have any photos? x

04-02-10, 13:07
Great link Meg, I'll find a picture of my last fabric flower I made. I made it as a 'wall piece' to hang and it is quite large - really pleased as all my own design.

NOW, I wanna see pictures of something you have made, as we can all learn and get inspiration from each other.

04-02-10, 13:20
This is over 30 cms in length, and was my first project on my new sewing machine !

04-02-10, 13:33
ooo great Moomintroll!! do you have any photos? x

will have a look, i think i have

04-02-10, 13:34
carys, i like your necklace thats amazing

04-02-10, 13:38
Thank you :blush:

04-02-10, 15:07
Wow Carys!! i love the flower!! that would look fab on one of my little jackets in the summer :P the necklace is gorgeous to! yay im glad you feel inspired to get your bead etc back out again :yesyes: When i am finished i will be sure to post pictures of my progress, mine are no way on the level of Carys as i have only been doing it a week haha!!


04-02-10, 15:32
It might be somewhat too big for your little jacket, after measuring it is 35 cms long !! Huge. Don't put yourself down, I'm sure what you are doing is fantastic, and your skills will develop and improve with every little project you take on. I will remove the pictures shortly and then you won't need to make comparisons lol. The road to success is in not being afraid to try things out, experiment and have fun. Your comment struck me on a previous post ...'I could do that!' YEAH !!! Great attitude to have, apply it often. :yesyes:

05-02-10, 06:39
Okey Dokey, I've taken the pictures out of the thread........add yours when it is finished Meg ! :D:D:D Then I can get some ideas too.......

05-02-10, 07:23
Lol candy, i saw this and was about to come on and say - me and my friend candy are going to start making jewellery.. hahaha.

05-02-10, 09:03
You're just too slow missy hehe!! We need to get started with our jewellery making..you found anything yet? x

05-02-10, 09:56
Woops Carys haha if Carrie Bradshaw can wear a giant flower i can to haha!!

It may be a while but i can still take photos of my progress i guess, it will keep me wanting to keep at it :).

Do take in mind, they might be dog poo as its my very first time! Rome wasnt built in a day!!


05-02-10, 10:50
Looking forward to seeing them Meg :) xxxxx

05-02-10, 13:54
Do take in mind, they might be dog poo

You are making dog poo ????????? :roflmao:

09-02-10, 11:56
Ok i made a rosette bracelet oh my lord!! it might aswell have been made out of god poo!! shocking and far to embarassed to post it!! it was however my first try, i am sure if i stick with it i will get better! I am now thinking of customising shoes haha, i need to step away from this idea and concentrate on the jewellery otherwise i will destroy all the shoes i own by covering them in bubble wrap or something! :w00t2:xx

09-02-10, 18:05
Oh MEG, I was hoping to see a picture. I tell you what, wait until you've done something that you are really pleased with and post it then. I know what you mean about ruining something, LOL @ the bubble wrap thing, sometimes I've had a good idea for a piece of clothing and totally trashed it.

23-02-13, 13:58
If you are looking for copper wires, get yourself an electrician friend. Those guys go thru tons of wires every month and most of them just throw it out. You can use it to make wire jewelery. And you can coat those wires with solder and then paint with patina (metalic paint) of almost any colour.