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05-02-10, 20:55
I have just started clomipramine for agraphobia, panic attacks and anxiety, is anyone else taking this drug, I am having a really tough time with my anxiety at the moment and kept putting off the meds as so many of the ssri made me much worse couldnt get through the first few weeks, it looks as the same is happening with clomipramine, and advise or support would be greatly apprecaited. I am only on 10mg at the moment as only started them few days ago an already i just want to sleep all the time.
i really need to get well and want to be able to go out panic free.
Thank you for reading my post

05-02-10, 22:34
Hi Ann yes i am on clomapramine (25g),i started on 10g of which i was on for a few months but then i think my body got used to it so my dose was upped by doc!!I feel ok most of the time but get days which are not too good.Yes they make me tired and if i can have a lie down i do but its not always poss as i work (dont think i would get away with sleeping on the job) lol. Butterflyx

06-02-10, 01:36
Hi Ann,

I was on clomipramine for nearly seven years until a few months ago and it worked brilliantly for me for most of that time (until I caught a virus which really brought my panic back).

At the time I started to take it, I was getting to the point where every it was an ordeal every time I had to leave the house, but within a couple of weeks that had gone. I slept for most of the first week I was on it but after that the sedation wore off.

Wishing you the very best of luck with it x

06-02-10, 13:07
thank you so much for your replies, i will stick with them and see how i go.
Ann x

09-03-10, 10:51
you have started on a very small dose (10mg)
i have been on it for a year and take 200mg. However i am looking to come off slowly over the next eight weeks. Hope it works out for you

25-04-10, 21:13
i am on 150mg for agoraphobia and ocd,have been on (with the occasional change )
since 1988.its been by far the best meds.i remember the inital sleepy bit but that goes soon enough.all the very best in your struggle xxx ASH

30-06-10, 17:22
I've just started on clomipramine after being on Citalopram/Escitalopram - which honestly ruined a good couple of months of my life.

Clomipramine seems to be okay so far...no really noticeable side effects as of yet apart from feeling nervous when i go and have a cigarette, and a wierd sensation when I'm yawning..

I hope they work for you, and I'm hoping they work for me too!

Good luck :3 xx