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09-02-10, 20:00
Hi I started on Sertraline 6 days ago was supposed to take 50mg's a day but had a real bad experience with fluoxetine last year so currently only taking 25mg daily for a couple of weeks to get it into my system then I will up to 50mg. For the past couple of days I have been aware of ny heart beating in my chest all the time and have a heavy/full feeling between my chest and adams apple. I dont know if its the tabs, I am about to have a heart attack, wind or what it is but it is bothering me.

Has anyone experienced anything similair??


09-02-10, 20:42
Hi And

Yes, I've had this too: a heavy feeling in the chest and palpitations. I'm on 50mg and it's settled now - if anything I get a slow heartbeat and for the past few weeks I've been feeling calmer.

It really is a good med. I've been on loads of them and sertraline has been the only one that's helped.

Stick with it and these side effects will pass.

Take care

09-02-10, 21:58
Thanks Melancholia77, did you start off on 50mg??

09-02-10, 22:29
No, started off on 25mg like you. Doctor put me straight on 50mg but like you I knew better! Stayed on 25 for about a month or so before increasing.

10-02-10, 12:37
Cheers that's what I am going to do. Were you ok when you increased??

10-02-10, 18:48
Took a bit of getting used to but after a few weeks I was OK. The main problem was the daytime tiredness and night-sweats but it does get better once the med settles. It is a price worth paying for though ... I'd rather be tired than depressed!