View Full Version : Oh No, My Husband Killed an Owl Today!We are so upset.

09-02-10, 23:27
My husband arrived home today with a full grown stunningly beautiful owl inbedded in the front of the grill of his car. It must have flown into the grill and broken its neck. It was absolutley awful having to remove him from the car. The owl must have been really powerful because it was very very hard to remove from the grill. The grill had actually broken badly too! I was so upset when I saw it. There wasn't much blood, he was completely in tact but when I saw its lovely eyes I just wanted it to wake up and fly away. I can't stop thinking about it. I had forgotten how big owls can be too. What a sad sad shame...

10-02-10, 00:36
awww smudger - if you've seen my garden birds thread you'd know I'd be upset too.

Its just a horrible accident hun and at least the owl didnt suffer. :hugs:

10-02-10, 15:20
I know it was an accident but it just made us so upset. I love nature and I understand when nature kills to survive but its horrible when something like this happens.

10-02-10, 15:40
I can understand how you feel as i can imagine i would feel the exact same. It's so sad but accidents do happen hun.

I hope you and your husband feel better soon

10-02-10, 16:53
I would be exactly the same. It's so sad when something like this happens but it was a freak of nature. It wasn't anyone else's fault. Just shows you what lovely compassionate people you both are that you are grieving for this poor bird.

10-02-10, 17:55
That's terrible - I can understand how you feel. Once I ran over a pigeon by accident! You always think they'll move out of your way but this one didn't and I couldn't stop.

These things happen unfortunately...

10-02-10, 18:35
i would feel the same too, its a horrible thing to have happened . a real shame, i know its a hard thing to do, but try not to dwell on it hun, itwont do anyone any good, whats done is done, nothing could have been done to prevent it. , xx :hugs:

10-02-10, 18:35
Thanks for your kind words everybody. You are a nice bunch!

10-02-10, 18:43
Dear Smudger please don'y worry these things happen so long as your hubby is ok. The R.S.P.B might like to know the location of the bird for their records. When we drive in Suffolk deer often run into the road. It is very dangerous and so far we haven't hit one. Poor animals/ birds they are daft sometimes but they will fly towards the light. Take care.

10-02-10, 18:46
Sorry but owls are usually nocturnal so maybe the bird was forced out to hunt in the daylight assuming the accident happed during the day?

07-03-10, 22:01
My husband was driving home from work in the dark.