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11-02-10, 03:00
Due to a "pharmacy error" I was given klonopin instead of ativan when I first filled my prescription. When I went back for my refill they filled it with Ativan which is what it was supposed to be in the first place. I never even looked at the bottle when I got the first Rx which is my fault and will always look from now on. I am wondering if the ativan will work as well as the klonopin has for me. I was given it to help me sleep at night because of my anxiety I can't seem to turn my brain off. Does anyone know how this ativan will work? Better or worse? Will I still be able to sleep? I am so ill at the pharmacy right now I could die!!!

11-02-10, 14:13
Geez, nobody has any knowledge about this :weep:

11-02-10, 19:22
I know nothing of Klonopin but I was prescribed ativan many years ago and found it really effective in dispelling anxiety. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take it long term and have never found anything so effective for anxiety since. Doctors over here seem reluctant to prescribe it or only for very short term use
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11-02-10, 19:49
yes, most doctors over here will only prescribe benzo's as a last resort or in extreme circumstances, due to their potential for addiction, Not to mention you build up a tolerance quickly to those medicines....I had my first diazepam experience and it was rather effective!

11-02-10, 21:05
I've never taken Ativan, but I am currently on Klonopin. I take them as needed. It's my life saver sometimes. Especially when my anxiety kicks in and I feel like I am going to lose control. I take one, and in a couple minutes I'm back to my old self again. They don't make me sleepy, but I only take .25mgs of them. I've also tried the anti depressants, Lexapro, and Zoloft. Those did not work for me. They actually made me feel depressed. They say Klonopin's are addictive, but I can go for days without one, and feel fine. If you are more comfortable with the Klonopin, I would ask your doc if he could prescribe those instead. Make sure you tell him about the mix up.


11-02-10, 22:46
I've never taken Klonopin, but Ativan is my life saver. I have no problem getting it from my doctor as she knows I don't take it regularly. She told me I could take 1 mg morning and night. I only take it when I feel the anxiety coming on. It is great for helping to fall asleep. I break the 1 mg tablets into fourths. Sometimes I take a quarter and sometimes a half. It depends on the level of my anxiety. It's a Godsend to me.