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12-02-10, 23:07
Hi all

I know people have wanted to donate money to Kazz's chosen charity and some people have already donated to cancer research.

I spoke with Roger today and he says that Kazz would like her donations to go to animal charities.

In particular he mentioned this one:

Saint Francis Animal Welfare in Hampshire.

The website is: http://sfaw.co.uk/

You can either donate directly on their website or I am happy to accept donations and then I can send them all in one go and explain who the donations are for etc.

You can use the donate button on here and let me know that it is for Kazz or you can PM me about sending cheques, internet banking, postal orders etc.

If you prefer then please donate to any local animal charity that you wish to.

The only thing that Roger did specifically ask is that people do not donate to the RSPCA as Kazz would not have wanted this for her own personal reasons.


13-02-10, 00:27
Thanks Nic I know of the saint frances animal shelter,if we donate straight to them do we mention whats its for.xx:hugs:

13-02-10, 00:45
Yorky - let me contact then ok and expect some donations so they know then I will post again ok

13-02-10, 16:59
ok no problem.xxx:hugs:

13-02-10, 21:27
Hi Guys. Just a thought but assuming the charity has signed up to the scheme then the www.JustGiving.com site can be a good way to organise something like this. We're using it as a an alternative to flowers for my Mum's funeral, and have done the same before.

Just hoping it helps.

13-02-10, 22:21
Thanks Kev - I will have a look at that.

14-02-10, 17:06
I got this reply from Saint Francis:

Hi Nicola,
We can keep a record of all the donations and advise you in due course. If the donors would like to write a short letter addressed FTAO the Secretary at the shelter (address on our website), mentioning that the donation is in memory of Kazzie, then I will ensure that the total is recorded in our accounts to send on to you later.
I have visited your site and will make a note of the address for future reference for anyone who may find it useful.
Kind regards
William J Fulford
Financial Controller (& temp sec)for
St Francis Animal Welfare

15-02-10, 13:38
Thanks Nic.
Love Piglet :flowers:

15-02-10, 13:43
Thanks Nic for letting us know.xxxxxxx:hugs:

18-02-10, 00:11
bumping up as I know loads wanted to donate yet only a few have donated so far

18-02-10, 13:17
Will do it today.xxxxx:hugs:

19-02-10, 00:15
Done that Nic,I emailed them first so they said they will keep that to add to anymore from nmp and let you know the total.:hugs:

19-02-10, 18:30
Thanks Ellen

I will be sending mine soon - 20 so far collected

19-02-10, 18:35
thanks, will be sending mine to them on monday x

just did it now, didnt realise you could do it online. , thx

22-02-10, 23:54
I do hope a few more will give to Kazzies chosen charity.xxxx:yesyes:

24-02-10, 23:11
Any news on how much Kazzie has got for her charity so far Nic?:hugs:

24-02-10, 23:31
Well I think I will collate all I have now and send the donation on Friday as it is 2 weeks since her burial. I am sure they appreciate all we have collected for her.

I will post here and let people know how much I collected.

25-02-10, 12:57
Ok,plus some have paid straight to the charity.Im sure they will appreciate what ever they get Nic.xxxxxx:hugs:

01-03-10, 14:19
Did you get mine Nic? I did it through the donate button and put note on that it was for Kazzies charity.

01-03-10, 20:47
Hi :)
I sent mine through here, using my partners Paypal address.
Hope it has been received.
Do we know yet how much was collected in total from everyone for Kazzie's charity?

01-03-10, 21:12
Sorry all - I was waiting for one more donation from someone but I will let you all know how much we get etc.

I got yours Poppy and LoriJ

01-03-10, 21:36
We have raised 40 for Kazzie's charity so I will arrange to send this on and get a receipt of some kind.

I will also try and find out how much was donated direct to them.

01-03-10, 23:46
Thats great Nic, they will be pleased.Be great to hear the grand total.xxxxx:yahoo::yahoo:

02-03-10, 18:43
Thanks for letting us know, Nic :)

03-03-10, 14:33
Did we get a grand total?

I think Kazz would have been well chuffed bless her.I miss her not being here.xxxx:weep:

03-03-10, 21:05
I got this email today..

Hi Nic,
Thanks for your donation. So far there have been two other donations of 10.00 each so that makes 60.00 to date. I will let you know the final total in a couple of weeks just in case there are more.
Kind regards
William Fulford for
St Francis Animal Welfare

03-03-10, 23:18
Thats brilliant,she would have been chuffed Im sure.xxxxx:hugs:

09-03-10, 20:56
I am so happy about the total donation for Kazzie's charity and like Yorkylover said, I am sure Kazzie would have been chuffed with the amount raised.
I looked at the website and I am now collecting used stamps for them, as requested on the website...I am mad about animals...anyway, not sure what happens with the used stamps? does anyone know?
It is nice that Kazzie chose that charity. Did she have any pets?

09-03-10, 21:33
hi Poppy xx

Kaz had 3 dogs - Vis, Oscar and Sheepus, and 2 cats - Snoopy catty cat and Tango and a tarantula called Terrance.

Nikk xxx

10-03-10, 20:49
Thanks for replying, Nikk.
I bet Kazzie's pets are missing her too - maybe not the tarantula! but I bet the dogs and cats are.

10-03-10, 20:51
HI Poppy.

They are missing her loads. I have Terrance back with me but hes still shy about coming out as he recongised her when he was being held.

Hope you are ok.

Nikk xxx :hugs:

10-03-10, 21:01
Hi again
How are you Nikk? :hugs:
Kazzie's pets are bound to be missing her. Its so sad.
I don't know much about tarantulas but did Terrance really recognise her?
Thats so interesting. How many do you have?

10-03-10, 22:06
Hi Poppy.

Im fine thanks.

Spiders recognise people as mine comes over the tank when I go in the room never if Muim or My sister does. The know who they are safe with tioo. When I stayed there He wouldnt come out if I went to hold him. :\

I have 29 tarantulas, plus loads and laods and loads of other pets.

Nikk xxx

11-03-10, 14:04
Does anyone know how Roger is?:hugs:

11-03-10, 14:14

Roger isnt too bad, hes back at work now. Although Hes finding it hard with the house being quiet. I spoke with him on tuesday.

He is coming to Basingstoke on sunday to have lunch with myself, Helen and Craig. Which will get him out and to let Richie have some time being mothers day.

Will Pm you.

Nikkxx :hugs:

11-03-10, 21:42
All those pets, Nikk !!! :ohmy:
I am glad that Kazzie's husband is meeting up with you and the others to have lunch. The poor man must be devastated.
It is so good of you to be there for him.

14-03-10, 09:50
I have over 50 Poppy!! :ohmy:

It will get him out the house for a bit too and talking with people.

We are all looking forward to him coming today. :)

15-03-10, 13:45

I thought it was about time I stepped from the shadows I would like to thank everybody for their support and donations to my late wifes chosen charity and for all the thoughts and kind messages on the day of the funeral (Feb 12th) I know it was some time ago now but I expect you can appreciate my head has been in a bit of mess since she died.
I have joined this site and hope to stay in touch with all of you .

Thanks again for your support.


Granny Primark
15-03-10, 18:17
Welcome aboard Roger.:)
So pleased youve joined the site.:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: