View Full Version : CoQ10 and irregular heart beats

03-01-06, 04:36
I have found that taking CoQ10 has lessened the amount of irregular heart beats that I get. I take 50mg in the morning and another 50mg at night. I have read that CoQ10 is really good for the heart and can help lower blood pressure and cholestrol levels.

05-01-06, 17:54
what is that? Ive never heard of it... but sounds like i could use it!

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14-10-08, 19:42
CoQ10 (http://www.seacoastvitamins.com/topic.php?health=Q10) is an enzyme that promotes cell health, and has antioxidants in it. From what I've read, our bodies become more deficient of it as we age. It's excellent for heart health, and has been found to be beneficial to take for those who has Parkinson's and for those with neurological issues. From what I've read in my research, cardiologists often recommend 200-300 mg per day, but I would definitely check with a doctor before taking more than 200 mg (the recommended DV). Hope that helps.

20-10-08, 02:52
Medication Q10 appointed to accept my daughter - at it inherent cardiac disease.