View Full Version : Reduced Dose Prozac What To Expect?

Purple Fish
15-02-10, 15:29
I`m now reducing my Prozac dose to every other day from every day. Anyone been through this? Should I expect anything, like feeling different?

Tanya xx

15-02-10, 18:21
Well I just stopped taking mine one day (not recommended) and had been on it for about 10 months.

I just felt a bit more dizzy for a couple of weeks but nothing major.

Prozac is apparently one of the meds that is easier to come off

Purple Fish
15-02-10, 19:35
Ok thanks, just don`t want to freak out and think I`m going back to feeling rubbish again!

Purple Fish
16-02-10, 12:26
This is now my 4th day ( I think) of taking my prozac every other day instead of every day and I`ve woken up feeling kind of spaced out and like I can`t be bothered.

Surely it wouldn`t effect me this quickly would it?

Purple Fish
25-02-10, 16:35
Well, I`ve got an appointment with my doc this Monday so I can tell him I`ve halved my dose. It`s been two weeks now and I`m feeling fine.

I`m hoping it will effect my weight too! I`ve put on 2 stone in the last 3 years of being on it and I`ve been following a diet plan for the last 3 weeks and lost 3lbs - not much but it`s a start.

Tanya xx

25-02-10, 16:45
You seem to be doing well Tanya - that's good news. It's strange because Prozac causes weight loss in a lot of people and I remember that it definitely suppressed my appetite. It always amazes me how people react differently to these meds.

I hope you continue to do well.

27-02-10, 02:34
Hello Tanya. When I reduced my intake of Prozac when I was quitting everything was fine. The thought that kept me going was that there was no way to avoid feeling down from time to time with or without meds. It is normal. I tapered down from 40mg to nothing over the span of 3 months. The only time when I felt super sensitive and down was before my period. Good luck!

Purple Fish
28-02-10, 15:28
Hi Mantra,

What you say makes so much sense. I was gettting this mind set where I thought that I should be feeling `great` all the time but life`s just not like that all the time!

It`s ok to feel down, sad, fed up etc. I certainly do especially before my monthlys!

I`m seeing my doctor tommorrow morning and I just want to put him in the picture about me decreasing my Prozac dose myself.

I wonder if he`ll say that I can stop taking them straight away now seeing as though I have been on half a dose for just over two weeks now?

Tanya xx

28-02-10, 17:32
Hello Tanya,

First of all, I want to congratulate you on your first step towards freedom! You are a very brave person for deciding to taper down the Prozac. What you decided on doing wether you are conscious of it or not, is chosing to be an honest human being. Honesty requires strength and courage. Well done!

It is human nature to experience pain.
"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." This is a Buddhist proverb.
One of the central philosophies in Buddhism is that life itself is full of pain. Pain is there. Suffering happens when you identify yourself with the pain.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that pain is unavoidable. Feelings numbed through Prozac is totally going against what is meant to be in the human experience.

During your tapering down process, you will experience pain. The most important thing is to not identify with it. You will experience it more than usual. That is a side effect. It is not because there is anything wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. Keep remembering that.

The doctors, psychiatrist, and pharmaceutical companies will continue to say there is something wrong with you. This is how they make a living. Perhaps they are not bad people though. They are just ignorant.

Yes, I agree you should put your Doc in the picture, but dont be surprised if s/he doesn't support you on your decision. Dont be surprised if s/he recommends you take something else. This is the only way they know how to solve your problem. By pumping chemicals into your system. Not only is this method crude, but cold and cruel.

Believe in your strength. There is nothing wrong with you. It is human to feel depressed. Nothing lasts forever. Your depression will not last forever.

You are strong!

Purple Fish
28-02-10, 17:40
Thank you.
I have just applied for a position where I work that will mean more hours and more responsibility but on the positive side, more money! This is what I am focusing on as I feel so positive at the moment!
I will let you know what my doctor says but I will also follow my heart.

Tanya xx

28-02-10, 17:41

Forgot to mention. If you have been on it for 3 years, stopping completely after only two weeks of halfing is way too quick in my opinion...but I may be wrong.

It is best to be safe and taper down at a slow rate. Like you are cheating your brain or something.

28-02-10, 17:43
Congrats on your promotion!

Purple Fish
01-03-10, 08:59
Just an update. Been to docs this morning and he`s quite happy for me to continue on my lowered dose for another 2 weeks then I can lower it again for a month before I finally come off it altogether.

Just got to go back and see him in a month so he knows how I`m doing.

Tanya xx

01-03-10, 18:42
Hello Tanya,
That is great news. Super steady tapering down is ultra important when getting off Prozac. I had two previous attempts at quitting. My first one was cold turkey and I failed miserably. The second time I tapered down way too fast out of impatience. The third time, I tapered down very very slowly and had success. There is no harm in going super slow with the process of quitting.
Please keep me posted with your tapering reactions.

02-03-10, 15:19
Prozac is actually one of the few meds that you can come off quite quickly because it stays in your body for over a month (therefore tapering itself). You certainly don't have to taper "super" slowly but it's up to you.

Purple Fish
06-03-10, 12:05
Well, I`m now in my third week of my reduced dose. I have had a couple of days wher I have felt down and tearful, but I`ve noticed it`s when something has happened and I feel more aware of my emotions and I seem to react more.
Obviously the dose I was on numbed my emotions I guess?

I`ve now got to get used to feeling more human and responsive to things.

I am feeling good though and positive, and so I`ve got another week on this same dose then I will taper down some more for another 4 weeks.

I`ll keep you posted!

Tanya xx