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16-02-10, 13:46
the doctor prescribed me propranolol a few weeks ago but have not started taken it yet as things seemed be ok but over the last week I have had numbness in both arms and one of my legs and one of my feet feel really cold, would propranolol help with those symtoms or does it only help with the heart. Should I start takening it?

Thank inadvance

18-02-10, 12:27
Im not sure on that one i started takeing mine today 40mg a day to start with and yeah ok they do what they say on the tin make you relaxed not sure if work for anxiety yet will find out when im back in work monday but i have taken it today and if these are the effects of taking it well i will be useless at work lol
My body feels heavy a ship and i feel like could drop off to sleep with in 30seconds altho from what i have felt they seem to do the trick...
i recon maybe they could help with your problem but dont quote me on it