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03-01-06, 14:55
Does any one use 5-HTP ?
Holland and Barratt tell me its very good, and looking on the internet it sounds great.
I am still having a terrible time sleeping ( woke at 4.30am this morning and could not get back to sleep ) I have not had what I call a trouble free sleep for weeks now (I used to sleep right through - 8 hours a night, now I either don't fall asleep till 2am or wake at about 2.30am)
I've tried Quiet Life and now I'm taking Valerina (started taking it about 3 days ago)
I think the not sleeping is making me more anxious and I've been off work for a month now, and should hopefully be getting some temping work next week, but I'm worried in case I'm not ready re the lack of sleep/energy.
Can anyone advice me please?


03-01-06, 15:25
If you do decide to give it a go - don't mix and match.


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?

04-01-06, 22:31
I tried it for a while. You'll sleep alright. Just all the time.

05-03-06, 10:38
Yes. What is 5-HTP. Does anybody know about it and is it any good for anxiety?. I can only seem to find info from the people selling this and its bound to be biased. Any comments appreciated.

05-03-06, 11:26


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?

26-03-06, 22:55
I was thinking about taking 5-HTP also, i got the "News of the World Newspaper" Today, there was a little article about it in the Health Section, it said:

Haywire body clocks can get help from L-5- Hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP,which comes from a natural African seed. Used by the body to make the "Happy" brain chemical serotonin, its important for nerve and brain function. Availabe from Holland & Barrett at 14.99 for 60 capsules.


01-04-06, 15:55
ive been on 5htp for a week 100mg a day ive got anxiety with public speakin occasional panic attacks. results are that i feel more upbeat sleeping better seem less anxious but early days.DONT TAKE THIS IN THE MORNING coz it makes u drowsy take about 2 hours b4 sleep, then no drowsiness, all i can say is try it everyone is different but it might improve your symptoms.

1 side effect i have noticed i dont think it goes well with alcohol as i had a bad headache from 2 pints the other night

anyway uve got nothin to lose.

02-04-06, 20:45
I have asked the doctor about taking 5HTP. She has said not to take it if you are taking any other medication prescribed by your GP. They can interact with one another.

Jenny xxx

13-04-06, 21:26
i used to take 5htp but it really didnt help me at all, i think it can take up to 2 months before u see improvments by that time i had already gone to my doc and was perscriped prozac!!!

19-04-06, 08:13
I have just started taking in.

Not much affect yet, but only has been a week, will give it longer and see if it helps

21-04-06, 18:25
I've been investigating taking this and my chiropractor / herbalist also thinks it will be good but I have to get off the prescribed drugs first; i'm off the antidepressants - just finding it harder with sleeping pills - though it looks like 5-htp would really help that. So I will talk to her about it next time I go. Seems to be different suppliers with hughely varying prices - is this due to the quality of product or actual amount of 5-htp, or not?

little one
15-06-06, 11:41

I take Serotone 5HTP 100MG with a carb at night. It works with a little exercise for me and no weight gain. Thank god. My doctor was against it but give it a go and see for yourself if it works.
Hope your sleeping better once you try it.

08-10-07, 01:39
I have just started taking it in a thing called 'REM Sleep'. I suffer from depression and have to worst insomnia. I haven't noticed much of a change but i do know you definitely should not take it with any other anti dep medication. I have been having violent dreams/nightmares again which i have had with all anti-dep medication so i figure it must be starting to do something!

24-12-07, 20:11
I've been seeing alot of threads on here about 5-HTP and am interested in trying it out, can i take it while i'm on my pescription meds (sertraline 50mg) or is it best to check with the doc before buying them??

24-12-07, 21:47
hi star,

Most definetly best to ask your doc.Herbal stuff can have side effects too.


Freaky Chick
09-01-08, 09:18
Hi everyone

5HTP is basically seratonin -(well it works on 5HTP1a receptors in the brain anyway!) it will boost the seratonin levels in your brain. My psych team have just prescribed it as an adjunct to my citalopram in December - it takes up to 2 weeks to kick in.

The prescription name for this is Buspirone hydrochloride and it is very expensive 42 for 90 days (my GP loves me for that!!!!) and you have to take 3 a day because it has a short half life and needs frequent topping up. I am taking the starting dose of 5mg 3 times a day and i have noticed a definite improvement in my symptoms.

I suggest that if you are medicated you talk to your GP (it is non proprietry - not really used much outside specialist circles) or psychiatrist before you start taking it from over the counter.

It will cause drowsiness in larger doses - another reason for taking it three times a day. And be careful if you buy it over the counter - you need to make sure that you are getting the same concentration of drug each time - and start small and build up. The maximum recommended dose in the British National Formulary for this as a prescribed drug is 45mg per day in divided doses. Don not use if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have epilepsy. And if you are on benzodiazepines then you should be completely off them before starting this.

Definitely talk to someone who knows what they are taliking about before using it if you are medicated already!

Freaky Chick

13-02-08, 16:59
hi. just a note of warning - i was told by someone that if you are already on an ssri then 5htp could cause serotonin syndrome - an overdose of serotonin which can be really serious. the health shop advised me to come off my ssri before taking it.

5htp also has a long list of possible side effects - just because its natural does not mean it is any more beneficial to you than a prescribed med. x