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18-02-10, 11:07
Are You?

Are you feeling lonely ?

Are you feeling down?

Are you feeling empty?

Killed your flame but left a frown ?

Or do you feel nothing?

Or do you feel despised?

Are you just an image?

A soul behind dead eyes ?

Are you backed into a corner?

Your arms around you tightly curled?

Do you feel alone now?

Welcome to my world

Vanilla Sky
18-02-10, 11:31
Awe Munkey :weep: So sad . If you are feeling like that then you must stay on today and chat. You are not alone hun , there will be others who can relate , Try to cheer up and be our cheeky munkey :bighug1: Love Paige x

18-02-10, 15:44
awwwww hunny fab poem but biggest huggles if thats how u are feeling xxxxxxx im here for u sweet x x x x x x x x xx mwah x x x x x x x x x

18-02-10, 17:34
Hi Munkey

You have so many friends here hun so please don't think you are own your own.

Thinking of you


19-02-10, 01:27
can really relate to this poem , i can feel alone even if i had heaps of peeps right next to me . here for ya Munkey
feel free to contact me if ya want to chat hugs stay strong

lea xx

19-02-10, 11:14
awwwwwwwwww hunny im here for oyu love you my angel xxxxxxx

magpie girl
19-02-10, 14:30
awwww karyn its a great poem u have a good talent for helping you express how you feel heres a big hug from me and my jeggings :bighug1::bighug1::bighug1::bighug1:

22-02-10, 12:49
A lovely poem. Sometimes it is possible to see beauty in the sad.