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24-02-10, 22:44
Hi everybody.. haven't been around for a while but just wanted to post a thread about my experience with propranolol....

I suffer from mild general anxiety which has worsened severly at traumatic times in my life. Some months back i started suffering with serious and very regular palpations, skipped beats etc. i was even kept in hospital for monitoring and underwent the normal 24 hr ecgs etc... the palps were to some degree controlling my life, what I could do, where I could go etc.

I started taking 40mg propranolol every morning and i'm pleased to say that i no longer suffer from anxiety or palpatation symptoms. I have been through one of the most stressful weeks of my life and still no symptoms.

I hope anybody who needs help at least gives these tablets a try. They have given be zero side effects and have turned things around for me.

All the best

Mand x

05-03-10, 12:38
i have been taking propranolo 40mg twice a day since november 2008 i have had breaks inbetween until the full blown anxiety attack i had 6months ago.i have never had any side effects of them and they help with the banging heart and shakes but i still get all the physical symptoms of anxiety with them :scared15:

05-03-10, 14:33
I was prescibed these but didn't take them as my chest symtom seemed to go away, touch wood I haven't had that feeling for about 4 weeks now. All I seem to suffer with at the moment is a very heavy head, headache and feeling spaced out not sure if the meds would help with this or not.

05-03-10, 23:45
I took propranolol for high blood pressure and anxiety but unfortunately they made me very ill, I actually felt ten times worse taking them. I was then put on another beta blocker but had the same effect. Wasn't till I saw the third Dr in my practice that he totally got that I was suffering from anxiety/panic attacks and put me on Citalopgram 20mg to start with for 3 months and then 40mg for this past 2 weeks. Have felt so much better, thank goodness, I know people who have taken propranolol for years and have been fine on them but they just did not agree with me.