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10-02-04, 15:52
well hello everyone
thought i would pop in and give you an update on how i am, well i am slowly recovering i am now taking regular tablets 2 help control my anxiety and panic attacks i do feel alittle more in control and am now manging 2 spend some periods of time on my own it still scares me something terrible 2 be alone but i know i have 2 get through it so i find things 2 distract my mind like reading a book doing a crossword or even trying 2 watch tv...nites seem 2 be my worst tiem at the moment when the kids are in bed asleep thats when i have trouble coping mind mind starts 2 have awful thoughts like wot if i have a heart atatck will the kids help me could they cope i know it's irrational and i shouldnt think likei do it jsut sometimes feelsi cant help it and no matter wot i do the thoughts sneak in....have had a few bad days thsi last week in fact they have been orrible had a terrible cold andmy chest hurt so bad i was convinced i was dying phoned the nhs direct line crying my eyes out ranting like a launatic the nurse wa sso good and calmed me down i eventually went 2 sleep feeing emotinal and pyhiscally exhuasted ....but 2 day i feel a bit betetr have spent 2 hours on my own and am doing ok upto now want 2 thank everyone here for all your surport and i will try and keep you informed on my progress ph please for give me for spellings and if things make no sense i seem 2 get things confused in my head i sort of know wot iw ant 2 say but it egts all mixed up when i am trying 2 type it and when i go back 2 put it right i have trouble remebering how it was surposed 2 look in the first place


10-02-04, 16:44

Well done for managing so much. Bryans favourite motto is little steps. Keep persevering - little steps really does work.

Don't be too hard on yourself if you have a bad day, and try keeping a journal of all the positive things you've done. Then you can look back and see how much you've achieved.

Every day spent doing one more minute of something you find difficult will take you one step closer to being the person you want to be.

Good luck and take care


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

10-02-04, 17:41

Good to hear from you. Glad to hear you are making progress. Keep on keeping on, that is the only way to beat this thing a it`s own game. Like Charlie said "little steps". Trust they really do make a big difference. It really does work. Take one day,one step at a time you will get there, and like Charlie also mentioned if you have a bad day it`s okay just keep on moving ahead. Everyone has bad days, don`t beat yourself up over it or feel like you have slipped backwards. We all have them, just go on to the next day and the next etc. etc. etc. they will get better.

Take care,

Diana xxxxx

10-02-04, 22:00

Good to hear back from you so thanks for taking the time to post - we do like to know how people are getting on.

Don't worry about the spelling etc - we can work out what you are saying and that is more important.

Keep at it ok?


10-02-04, 23:04
hi wendy,

ime not psycic,not even sure if i spelt it right...but reading your post,i can see that your living on your nerves..slow down,my darling..read all there is on here about relaxing..make some quality time for you..when kids in bed,turn off the lights,and lite a few candles..play some nice music..make yourself comfortable,and do some breathing exercises..think about where youde like to be,if you won the lottery..its fun,but its also,very therapeutic...best wishes..bryan.