View Full Version : BBC documentary about young people with mental health issues

01-03-10, 15:56
The BBC are looking for an under-25 year old who struggles with their mental health (anxiety, panic, mood swings, anything that affects their life), to take part in a one-off documentary about their life and the treatment they are seeking. We are also interested in young people who are going through transition periods - such as leaving home, going to university and having emotional problems associated with that etc.

For people who haven't seen other docs on this topic, the BBC are very
sensitive about mental health issues and aim to support anyone who contributes as much as possible. They also have to abide by very strict editorial guidelines.

The aim would be to dispel some of the myths and stigmas about mental health, as well as to explore some of the more positive sides of yo lives.

The contributor has to be between 16-25, have a mental health issue that affects their daily life, but not so severe that their judgement is impaired by taking part in the documentary. They have to live in the UK and be open to help. Obviously, as much therapeutic support as possible will be given during and after the documentary is made.

If anybody's interested, or knows anyone who might be, please email me on KJJmedia@gmail.com