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01-03-10, 19:21
Hi everyone - i used to read this site all the time a few years ago and found it really helpful. Ive also just put a message in the intro section.

Ive been ok on clomipramine for the last 4 years. (working full time/ looking after my children etc.)

Then in January I reduced from 15mg to 10mg and everything went crashing down. i tried to go back up to 15 and then 20mg but didnt stabilise at all so now trying to increase back up to my original 50mgs. (I had been fine on 20mgs for over a year).

The problem is that I have just gone from 25mg after a week to 35mg and the anxiety is unbearable. It feels 'medication induced' if that makes sense.

Does anyone recognise this anxiety side effect on starting / upping the dose. I think i may have had it last time but dont really remember. And any tips on dealing with it?

Thank you - would really appreciate any help. Thanks x

09-03-10, 03:22
heya i have been on clomipramine now for about a year. i currently take 200mg (8 tablets - how annoying is the small tablets they should come in bigger doses)

I have just come off invega and zyprexa over the last two weeks. I plan to stay at 200mg for two weeks and then to start coming down 25mg a week until i take nothing. The major side effects i have for clomipramine are that i get dizzy when stand up too quick this has to do with a lower blood pressure, i also pass blood in my stool (not nice).

I believe coming off clomipramine will be purely mental strenght, you have to believe in yourself. you have to believe in yourself over the medication (mind you i am not a firm believer in the medication). I believe we rely too heavily on medication, its time to develop some mental strenght. The medication definetly helped me out of a very dark area in my life but now is the time to move forward. Its funny cos my psych told me to try a fourth drug, another antipsychotic, i couldn't believe it. I'm doing it my way and am travelling great at the moment so good luck to anyone who has the mental strenght to come off their medication.