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04-03-10, 23:35
Just started mirtazipine 3 weeks ago, and having just gotten used to the dizzy spells, I've started to get strange mood swings. Yesterday I felt the happiest I've felt in years (have tried citalopram and sertraline before) and then in the evening my mood started to drop, and its been a downward spiral since. I've been in tears all evening and I'm not sure what to do? Any advice??

05-03-10, 08:54
Think you need to see the doc matey. Maybe your dose isn't right. What are you on.

05-03-10, 09:21
Hi, I started mirtazipine (15mg) 4 weeks ago. I had just got over the "heavy/tiredness feeling. I picked up and had a row of 4 really good days and then I too had a downward spiral. Mine is in the mornings though, when I first wake up, just feel "down" and everything feels horrible. I went back to GP yesterday and he has increased my dose to 30mg. I was really worried in case I had to go through the tiredness etc again. I woke up a little later than usual this morning and feel tired and heavy but no where near as bad as I did when I first started taking it. What dose are you taking??? Jo.

07-03-10, 00:25
I'm on 15mg, and I have to wait a fortnight to see my GP unless I ring up for an emergency appt. Mood swings are getting worse, and now every tiny thing sends me into a panic.

07-03-10, 13:02
Hi Thats a long time to see your GP. I have found since upping my dose I jump down peoples throats at the smallest thing too. I also feel heavy and exhausted at the moment. When I first started taking 15mg I had the snapping initially but it did wear off along with the drowsiness, now even though it doesnt seem as bad I have it all over again!! Am such an impatient person....just want to feel 100% now and thats not going to happen I know that in the back of my mind but just dont seem to want to accept it. Hope you feel better soon...do you have any other side effects? Are the meds helping you with what you took them for in the first place? Jo.

07-03-10, 17:51
I've been on 15mg for nearly 4 weeks, and the mood swings have really been affecting my life. I can go from being calm and pretty happy, to tears and rage within minutes. I hate being around my friends because I'm really scared I might lash out at them, and as I'm in my final year of my BSc, writing up my dissertation has started to really difficult. Before mirtazipine I had tried citalopram but was taken off it 2 months later after it gave me really bad insomnia, and then went all the way to the max dose of sertraline, which just made me worse. I've only been on the treatment for depression for about 7 months, but have suffered from it pretty badly for the last 5 years, and all I want right now is to get on with my life.

07-03-10, 18:45
Hi again. I suffered what I call anger and irritation. At first it was horrendous (I was on 15mg too), it did improve but never completely disappeared until now that I am not taking anything. Apparently, its not a side effect as far as the docs concerned but I have proved it is because I am not angry n irritated anymore! I know you said you feel its bad mood swings, but can you liken it to sudden anger over anything? A bit like when a volcano erupts?

I can understand the pressure you are under writing your dissertation. Just a little advice on that. Give yourself plenty of time to get it proof read bearing in mind how you feel won't you? It doesn't matter how many times its proofed, just don't pressure yourself matey.

I would get an emergency appt with doc too if the mood swings are extreme. Don't wait 2 weeks if you are starting to feel worse than you have done over the last 3 weeks. Like Jo, maybe the dose is too low. Good luck n will you let us know how you get on?:hugs: Lynne

12-03-10, 00:25
Update: Apparently the mood swings were a sign that the medication was working, and have been given a higher dosage of 30mg, and now starting to feel the benefits, apart from the return of some of the annoying side effects like low blood pressure, but starting to feel better so keeping my hopes up :)

12-03-10, 10:20
Hi Glad you feeling better. How long have you been taking the 30mg for?? Did your gp say that the mood swings were a sign the medication was working? I found I had them terriable when I first started on 15mg and then again when I upped the dose to 30mg, they dont seem to bad now. Do you suffer any of the other side effects like feeling heavy/sleepy first thing and if so how long does it last for you? Jo.

18-03-10, 17:39
Had a stroke approx 12 months ago, had been taking amitryptyline for 35 years+ . Consultant decided I would be better on Mirtazapine, came off Amitryptiline after approx two weeks..taking 30mg Mirtazapine, but feeling absolutely dreadful..I My husband is unwell and my mood swings are really horrendous, I keep going back to the Dr..asked if she thought the mirtazapine was upsetting me, she didn't think so,I have a feeling they are ! they are not helping with my sleep.and as said I am having these dreadful moods...I am seeing another consultant in mid April and the Dr. says wait until then, but I feel I shouldn't go on feeling as I am...any one else suffering similar..by reading the forums I believe there are quite a few out there..any suggestions.? I am not sure if I am suffering withdrawal symptons from the Amitryptiline or if the problem is with Mitazapine...

19-03-10, 14:45
@kathymolly The first few weeks are the worst, but I've been mirtazipine for over a month now, and the mood swings are getting better. There are still days where I feel absolutely dreadful, but I'm starting to have more 'good' days. My latest problems is with the weight gain. I've already had serious problems with food and self image and this latest side effect isnt helping matters.