View Full Version : just starting - whens the best time to take?

19-03-10, 17:41
hi all, i have been on lexapro for 6 months and no better so have been told to try lustral, starting on sunday on small dose but please advise what is the best time of day to take?
I took the lexapro in the morning is it the same with this med?
Also has anyone else swapped from lexapro and has this med helped?
answers appreciated v much thanks


19-03-10, 21:07
I take mine in the morning as it can cause insomnia.

23-03-10, 21:01
I take mine at lunchtime, it's just whenever is best for you - at a time when you will remember to take it!! Also, take it with food. I have found I sometimes get headaches with sertraline/lustral, though not when I have it with meals. Hope it works for you!!

24-03-10, 10:21
i take mine in the morning now. took it at night when i first started but couldn't sleep (most unusual for me). since switching sleep is much better now, still get vivid dreams but i don't find that a problem. as previous poster said its just finding what is best time for you. good luck x:)

25-03-10, 13:26
thanks for replies,
I took it in the morning and ok so far apart from migraine but that's one of the reasons for taking it so will wait and see on that one.
Makes my anxiety flipping worse tho!