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12-01-06, 20:31

Was just looking on the National Phobics Scociety link that someone posted and spotted this quote about panic attacks on there...

"I was suffering with panic attacks on the train to the point where it was almost impossible to travel to work.
I was feeling very tearful and in a complete state of panic when I went to see a hypnotherapist for treatment. I found the hypnotherapist very easy to talk to, and my whole experience of hypnotherapy was very easy and straight forward.
After the 1st session of hypnotherapy, I had a comfortable journey home on the train, and after further sessions I didn't think twice about travelling on the train. In fact, I now find train journeys quite boring!
There were other times when I had panic attacks, especially if I had to speak at a business meeting or in public. Now I don't feel bothered by that anymore and feel that I can move forward and not avoid the situations that made me feel uncomfortable. I now understand why I have suffered with this problem, and now feel so much more confident and motivated.
I just want to let other sufferers know that there is help out there, and that you can overcome this problem. Betty"

So my question is has anyone else used hypnotherapy to try snap out of a known panic cycle? Cos lots of my anxiety is brought on by fear of situations where I've had attacks previously, so althuogh I've never thought of using hypnosis as treatment before, I guess it might make sense...?

BB x

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12-01-06, 20:33
I used it to get me on a plane ...

How Hypnotherapy can help with Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Phobias and OCD. (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/NMPcms.php?nmppage=hypnotherapy)


13-01-06, 14:06
Hi there,
I, too, used hypnotherpay to get me on a plane (and therefore a good holiday followed), the only reason i stopped was the enormous cost. take care and good luck xxxx

18-03-06, 22:51
I know this is a late reply but i'm new to this site! I tried hypnotherapy a few months back to help with general anxiety and panic attacks. I think i kinda went with too higher expectations, the therapist was nice and it was all very calming and relaxing but it wasnt the miracle cure she made out it might be. The session was recorded onto a tape which I am supposed to listen to at least once a day and it never fails to put me to sleep which is good! Maybe hypontherapy is only for specific fears?
suzy x