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12-02-04, 17:32
Hi guys,
Not been in here for ages as I had no pc.

Just wondered if anyone has any recommendations for a good relaxation tape?

I have just started a new job and a university course,and although I havent had a "proper"panic attack in quite some time I feel as though I have come very close and have alot of anticipatory anxiety!!Thought a realxation tape might help.Im getting through no end of rescue remedy too!So if anyone has any helpful tips for me I would be really grateful.Thanks Jules X

12-02-04, 20:00
There's this one tape I've been using in my therapy sessions. It's called "Stress Free in 30 days". I like it a lot. Its a series of six tapes with subjects ranging from diaphragmic breathing to Progressive Muscle Relaxation. I forgot the name of the company to order it from but I can find out for you.

Also, there are some posts with some suggestions. Just do a search.