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12-02-04, 19:16
Hi everyone,
The past week I've been trying to find out as much info on the rescue remedies you all talk about, especially the bach remedies... Does anyone have any info or suggestions??? Do they really help A LOT??? And I have asked this many times before but but is everone positive it wont effect me in any different manor because i am on meds??? Do you guys thinks it's safe to order online?? I'm nervous they are going to send me something bad lol, over worrying!!!

12-02-04, 20:02
Hiya Christie

I take rescue remedy all the time and I am on medication and I swear the only effect I have is calming. It really helps me a lot. It tastes a bit like whisky or brandy.

Put it this way, I had to go to the doctors today and sitting in the waiting room, I felt the panic rising and it felt like a big one was coming on. I squirted about 4 squirts in my mouth and within about 2 minutes I was feeling calm.

I dont know whether it really works or if its just psychological but it does the trick for me (and a lot of us on here).

Put 'bach rescure remedy' in the search facility at the top of the page and theres loads of posts with it in and some website addresses too.

hope this helps

Love Sarah

12-02-04, 21:01
Hi Sarah, Christie
What exactly is a resue remedie i have heard a few people talk about them but what are they and what do they do, is it like a placibo or do they really work?

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12-02-04, 21:15
rescue remedies are a herble liquid (same as brandy, not exacly) which calms ya down. ya can take it as drops on ya tongue or drops in a drink


12-02-04, 21:42
bach rescue..is basically flower essence...it is totally harmless,non addictive,and no side effects...it can be taken,by adults,and children.

can put a few drops in a small bottle of mineral water,and carried around all day..just have a sip,as you would water..takes the edge off anxiety.

can also put a few drops on the tongue,as sarah says..brings quick relief...can also be bought as a spray.

anyone can take this with confidence!

best wishes..bryan.

12-02-04, 22:00
Thanks Jade, bryan ill have a look round town when im next in to see if i can find any


13-02-04, 10:06
Hi evryone (again lol)
Is there any alcohol in any of these remedies? Because I take a med called xanax xr and you cant have any alcohol at all... I was just wondering because i somebody I think had mentioned they have alcohol in themnot sure though... just wondering.
Thanks for all the info everyone;)

13-02-04, 16:41
The essences are preserved in alcohol but as you have only 4 drops its really not a problem with any medication.


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