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24-03-10, 08:21

two years ago when I started having panic attacks I had an ecg (3 actually) echo, treadmill, calcium score which was 0. everything was normal. Apart from on my ecg there was an irregularity which is why I went for all the tests. They never told me why my heart had a regularity only that everything was fine. Never even mentioned my eptopics. the radiographer said that lots of women get irregularities on their ecgs it just the way your heart is. She said I had a tipical text book heart. But I cant help thinking they missed something as I still get all these eptopics flutters throat and chest feelings. My doctor says it is just anxiety!!!!!!!
anybody else had experience of iregular ecg?


24-03-10, 09:51
Hi Lorraine,
Your ecg would have been normal but sounds like it showed ectopic beats - which are normal and harmless!! I know what it's like to suffer from ectopics because I had them constantly at one point, but always remember that they won't do you any harm and that there's nothing actually wrong with your heart. Anxiety definitely causes them, as does other things for some people, e.g. too much caffeine, fizzy drinks, etc. But I believe anxiety is the main culprit!!:lac: I know that they are a complete nuisance and it is very difficult to accept them, but they will happen more if you worry about them. Exercise definitely helps abolish them. Try and carry on living your life as normal and don't let them put you off doing anything because they don't merit it. But most of all try not to worry about them. They are suffered by many here and you are not alone.
Myra x

24-03-10, 16:31
It's actually quite difficult to damage your heart. You just have to think, it's always running. I'll use my car as an example. The engine runs like a champ, however every once in a while it'll hesitate a bit or have the very rare misfire. It never stops running though. Your heart is the same way, you can expect slight irregularities from time to time. That doesn't mean anything is wrong. You just have to remember your brain controls everything in you body. When it's out of whack due to anxiety, you can expect other parts of your body to go out of whack too. It's like putting water in your gas tank.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression are not magical mental issues that exist out of imagination. Like anything else, it is due to a physiological change in your brain due to outside influences. It is not harmful nor permanent and can be corrected.

btw, skipped heartbeats were the first sign of the hell I am still going through with anxiety. My ECG (EKG) showed them, cardiologist said it's nothing to worry about, and it's true. Since I stopped caring about them, they stopped. If you exercise they disappear too.

25-03-10, 15:13

thanks for all your replies.